Are you also bored sitting at home? Do you also love playing indoor games like carrom, chess, etc. ? Well, we have got you covered. In earlier times, when video games were not the new fashion, indoor games like carrom were the means of recreation. Carrom is known to be a game that requires skill and focus. There are many great players who play carrom on national and international levels. Carrom is an indoor game that helps in the development of children. But to start playing and knowing what amazing sport carrom is you need a good quality carrom board. To help you out, we bring a list of the best carrom board company in India. In addition, we will also throw some light on the best carrom board brands in India and talk about their details. Let’s begin!

What is Carrom?

Carrom is a game that involves a wooden carrom board and 18 coins or discs. In addition, it also includes a red disc known as the ‘queen’. It is an indoor game that friends and family play. A game of carrom brings you and your family close to spend some time together. The carrom board consists of four corners or pouches. A player is supposed to put all of his carrom discs into these pouches. The discs are of two colors black and white and you put them using a striker. A striker is a bigger disc and is used to hit the carrom discs into their corners. You are also supposed to put the queen along with its cover in the corner before the opponent.

The game of carrom needs focus, skill, concentration, and physical ability. Moreover, it increases your concentration. It is really fun to play, easy to understand, and ideal for children and adults. Many people who are seriously fond of carrom have learned to play it more skillfully and participate in competitions. Some of them have also represented India. Carrom instills a competitive attitude in a person. So, let’s discuss the best carrom board brands in India.

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A Carrom Board

Equipment required.

To start playing carrom, these are basic requirements:

  • Carrom Board: A carrom board is a square wooden board with one wooden frame and four corners or pockets that are netted. This board or the square is painted with different patterns and lines. The board is painted in such a manner that it has less or smooth friction and good finishing. The four pockets have nets below them in order to hold the carrom discs or men or even the striker. The wooden casing below ensures the long life of the wooden board and also avoids warping.
  • Carrom Men: There are 19 carrom men or discs in the game of carrom. In addition, the game also includes a striker. It has 9 white, 9 black, and a striker. They are available in both wooden and acrylic.
  • Carrom striker: The carrom striker is heavier and bigger than the normal discs. It is used to target the carrom men. The strikers are different in terms of quality and appearance. You should always go for strikers that are of good quality and are smooth. Smooth strikers do not cause friction.
  • Carrom Powder: The standard carrom powder is made of boric acid and few other components. The powder helps to reduce friction and to have a good game. The men easily glide over the wooden plywood. It is advisable to always spray some boric acid or sprinkle the powder before every game. The powder helps to maintain the board and gives it a long life.

List of Top 5 Best Carrom Boards in India

We bring to you a list of the Top 5 best Carrom Boards in India. To have a good game of carrom with your family it is very important to have the best carrom board. To help you out, we will be discussing the best carrom board companies in India. We will also give you the features and price details of all these best quality carrom boards. We ensure you that these boards come from the best carrom board brands from all over India. This article will definitely help you to buy your next best carrom board. Let’s dive into the article.


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Siscaa | Image Source

About the company

Siscaa is one of the best carrom brands in India. It is used by many professional players and has been used in many tournaments. In addition, it is famous for its amazing quality and finishing. Further, it is also has got some amazing reviews from top carrom players. The key feature of this carrom board is that it is waterproof and also scratch-free. More importantly, it has a very smooth surface that allows a great game of Carrom. It is also known for its amazing re-bounce capabilities. In other boards, when some liquid spills the board swells up and it becomes difficult to play. You have to change the playing surface or either the board. Both these options are costly. This doesn’t happen in Siscaa Boards. As a result, they are easy to maintain. The amazing designs and the stylish appearance of these beautiful carrom boards attracts customers towards it.


These carrom boards start with INR 1570 and go up to INR 6300.


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Surco | Image Source

About the company

Surco is also one of the best quality carrom boards. ICF and ACIF also recommend this brand. This brand has gained a lot of trust over the past few years. Moreover, International matches also use them. Everyone above the age of 12 years can play with them. The board is very famous for its fitting and long-lasting finish. In addition, Surco uses superior quality plywood for its boards. Also, Surco is widely famous for its premium boards. Surco is the number one choice of professional players. However, due to its rising popularity, there are many duplicates in the market. To sum it up, this one of the best carrom board company.


These supreme quality carrom boards start from INR 4700 and shoot up to INR 54000.


Image on best carrom board company- Precise
Precise | Image Source

About the company

Precise is among the best carrom board companies in India. They have sturdy backs. The boards are waterproof and also scratch-free. Moreover, they have a smooth surface for playing. Further, the board also has a strong wooden case from below to prevent warping. Also, it ensures the long life of the board. In addition, the board is of superior quality material. They have a very elegant appearance. The boards also have many thickness options. This brand also gives you many size options. All these sizes have their own benefits and specialties. The key feature of Precise Carrom Boards is that they have rebounds in them.


The Precise boards start with the price of INR 2600 and go up to INR 13500.


Image results on good quality board - Synco
Synco | Image Source

About the company

Synco is one of the best carrom board brands in India. It is very famous for its very smooth boards which are of high quality. They also sell a wide variety of superior quality carrom products. For instance, carrom men, strikers, powders, and covers. The company sees to it that they deliver everything that results in a quality game of carrom. Above all, The Indian Team of Carrom uses Synco boards. This board gives 4-5 rebounds while playing. Also, it doesn’t affect the smooth play of the game. Moreover, professionals use this board for their matches. The key feature of this board is that they have deep pockets. They can store many coins at the same time and do not even cause discomfort to the players. Therefore, it is the best carrom board company.


Synco Boards start from INR 3199 and go up to INR 12500.


Good image results on premium board- GSI
GSI | Image Source

About the company

GSI is one of the best carrom board brands in India. It is very popular for its smooth surface and excellent rebound capacities. It is also equipped with strong back support to improve the flatness and also prevent warping. GSI uses wood from Assam to make these boards. The brand offers supreme quality for a very reasonable price. It is suitable for every age group of your family. It promotes spending time with family and friends. The board is waterproof and scratch-free. It is made from all the top-quality materials. Moreover, it is the best quality carrom board. The carrom coins are of superior quality too. In short, the complete carrom board is durable, sturdy, and long-lasting. Without a doubt, it is the best carrom board company in India.


GSI carrom boards come for INR 1000 and go up to INR 7500.

You can buy all these premium carrom boards from Amazon.

FAQs | Best Carrom Board

How many players can play the game of carrom?

The minimum number of players required for a game of carrom is two. While the maximum number of players for a game of carrom is four.

What is the standard size of a carrom?

The standard size that is accepted everywhere for carrom is 74cm x 74cm. In addition, the borders or the side frames are 5 to 10 cm in width.

How to score while playing a game of carrom?

The game of carrom has 19 carrom discs. The 8 whites have a value of 20 points each. Secondly, the black discs have a value of 10 points each. Further, the queen has a value of 50 coins. Therefore, as and when you pocket a particular colored disc you get points accordingly.

Which are the best carrom board brands in India?

According to our research, we conclude that the best carrom board is Siscaa. It is then followed by Surco, then comes Precise, then Synco, and finally, comes GSI. These are the best quality carrom boards. Many big organizations use these boards for their practice.

When was carrom invented?

The exact era or date of the invention of carrom is not clear. However, it is believed to have been born in the 19th century and was originated from some parts of India. Moreover, the Indian Royal Kings have said to have started this game.

Editor’s Note | Best Carrom Board

To sum it up, Carrom has been losing its charm over the past few years. Due to the newly introduced video games, people are forgetting about these old traditional games. Moreover, it helps to keep their minds healthy. In addition, children learn the importance of focus and concentration. A game of carrom brings families and friends together. They come and spend time with each other. It brings family members close to each other. Further, it also helps adults to have a relaxing time. It helps to keep their minds off their work pressure and have some quality time with their kids. We can clearly see that carrom helps us in ways other than just providing entertainment.

Today, there are many people who have gained so much interest in the sport that they have gone forward to represent India. They have developed and sharpened their skills to such an extent that they gave a new level to this sport. Carrom also helps children to develop logical reasoning and also helps them to learn new tricks. Moreover, it helps you to remain alert and calm at the same time. So, now we know the benefits of playing carrom. We have tried to help you out with your selection of the carrom boards. In addition, always go for a board of high quality which is waterproof and scratch-free too. Best of luck with your purchase!

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