After the Covid-19 pandemic, the whole world has seen problems caused by pollution, etc. During the pandemic, we saw that there were lots of patients of covid-19 who to whom doctors were unable to save because of problems like asthma, etc. These problems are caused by air pollution. You can wear a mask outside. But in-home, it seems quite impossible. There are various ways by which we can keep the air around us clean. One is using a home air purifier. We will look into various facts like best 5 room, home air cleaner, and purifier machine and look into its features.

Air Purifier Machine

Regarding air purifier machine as well as there use.
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Today, we all can see that the air around us is not as good as to be. In metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Kolkata, etc. We daily hear news of a high alarming increase in the rate of Air pollution. Which thereby is increasing the disease rate like Asthma, Chest issue, weakness, weak eyesight, etc. To trigger the rate of pollution, we use Air purifier machine.

Use Of Air Purifier Machine

The Air Purifier Machine is an excellent device that Purifies the air around us. It contains filters that further kill the bacteria present in the air around us. Moreover, It further prevents us from air-borne diseases, bacterias, viruses as well as odors of pets. A few of the reasons are

Stay safe from health issues

As we discussed above that air pollution bring lots of health issue like asthma, chest pain, skin disease, etc. So we need a home air purifying machine which further reduces the chance of this disease. As well as prevents us from lots of allergies present in the air.

Protection from smoke

Sometimes we have our house in a very rushed area like where construction is happening or there is a busy road. In those areas or places, We face a lot of issues of Smoke pollution. To fight back that issue, we use a home air purifying machine. Know about sleep disorder problem.

Prevention in allergies and pregnancy

If a woman in the house is pregnant. She is very likely to get infected by the unwanted harmful particles present in the air. Further, These harmful particles also have allergic bacterias, etc. Which can be transmitted to the woman and her newborn will have the serious effect of this. To counter this allergy, We shall use a home air purifying machine.

Best 5 Home Air Purifier Machine

About top 5 room air cleaning machine and there features.
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Since there is a bunch of need for these home air cleaner machines. There are lots of Home Air-purifying machine brands available. We will now discuss the best 5 home air purifier machines. So that you can get information on the best top brand, their use, features, etc, and pick the best one.


Kent is an Indian Home Air Purifier company founded in 1999 having its headquarter in Noida. This company serves its service worldwide. Firstly, Kent is highly known for the manufacturing of RO water purifiers, as well as Home Air cleaner machines. Their machine provides features like ionizing, air quality monitor, real-time display. Moreover, it has  HEPA purification technology and high CADR. That helps in removing indoor air pollutants to make your home free of contaminants. Which helps us to examine the amount of purified air around us as well. We get an air purifier for cars, offices, etc. Some of the examples are Kent magic of Rs 7999, kent Alp 21990 rs, kent Aura of 15990 rs, etc.


This is a British company founded in 1991. Dyson is famous for its household appliances. Some of its famous appliances are vacuum cleaners, etc. Moreover, Dyson is purifiers are scientifically tested appliances that have excellent features. Further, It automatically senses and displays 4 different types of air pollutants. As well as it is the only air purifier with vacuum-sealed H-13 Glass HEPA and activated carbon filters. Moreover, It provides proper whole room purification with heating advantages. It consists of an LCD display. Some of them are Dyson pure cool of Rs 39,900, Dyson pure hot plus cool from Rs 55,900, Dyson pure humidity plus cool of Rs 55,900, etc.


Daikin is another multinational air conditioner manufacture company. It has its headquarter in Osaka, founded in 1924. Also, This company manufactures products like Air conditioning, Home air cleaning machines, Refrigeration system, etc. Moreover, Daikin’s Home Air Purifier machine has many features. for example, It has streamer discharge technology, dust and odor sensor lamps, plasma dust collection, turbo mode, etc. It has 6 stage air purification procedure that purifies the air around us thoroughly and provides repeated cleaning. This appliance has a HEPA filter. Daikin’s home air purifier machine is capable to eliminate bacteria, molds as well as hazardous chemical substances. Some of them are MC76VVM6, M670MVM6, etc.


Philips is an international electronic company founded in 1891. It has its headquarter in the Netherland having total equity of 11.901 billion euros. Philip’s home air purifier machine removes 99.97 % of air pollution in just 5 to 6 minutes. They aim to remove 99.97 % of air pollutants up to 0.003 macra. Thereby removing every tiny air pollutant present in the air. Moreover, Philip also claims to remove 99.97% of TRUE HEPA. It is further equipped with VitaSheild IPS Technology as well as arena technology as well as specific bacteria virus mode with night sense mode. They come with wireless control and an ozone-free 2-year warranty depending upon the model. Some of them are series 1000 starting from rs 12,995. Series 2000 starting from rs 22,995. series 3000 starting from rs 32,995.


Whirlpool is a US-based electronic brand serving worldwide and founded in 1911. Also, It manufactures a variety of home appliances. Whirlpool aims to remove PM 2.5 pollutants, allergies, and bacteria. Moreover, Some of the features of whirlpool Home Air Purifier and machines are that they have 4 in 1 filter, air’s quality indicator, comfort mode, filter alert, auto-lock features, timer as well, etc. The room area covering is also excellent. The level of filter purifies by pre-filtering net, activated carbon net filter, as well as HEPA efficient filter. They have features like a touch panel, child safety locks which we don’t find in other brands. Some of them are purafresh w210 Air Purifier ranging 7800 rs, pure fresh w440 air purifier ranging 17,400 rs, etc.

Features to consider before choosing Home Air Purifier

Regarding features to consider before choosing  machine.
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Since we all know that there are different types of Home Air Purifier machines available in the market around us so we must know that what are features there should be present in a good Home, room Air cleaner machine. So we will talk about the features to be present in the best Home Air Purifier machines to be the best one. We will talk about it one by one below

It should provide protection from Bacteria etc

The buyer of the Best Home, room Air Purifier machine should definitely keep in mind a few things. Like, the purifier machine which anyone is buying, should provide us protection from Bacteria, as well as harmful air pollutants around us. And also it should provide proper room supply. So that anyone, whether living in a room or is in office should get proper and pure air to the whole area. Moreover, It should also be capable enough to remove the bad smell present in the air and provide the purest form of air.

Should have latest features

We all know that there are various amount of home, room air purifier machines available in the market. They provide different but a little bit same functions. But, there are still few features that must be part of your best home purifier machine. Those are that it should have features like HEPA air purifying technology. However, It should also have activated carbon air cleaner. Above all, It should have ionic air purifying technology. Which should further have electronic air cleaning technology along with central air cleaning technology. As well as air to air exchanging technology.

It should have additional features

Apart from the important features of protection from various harmful pollution, The best home, room air purifying machine should have various additional but necessary features. Like It should have a Touch monitoring display by which we can examine the amount of purification done. and by which we also get to know the time of service. Above all, There should be a proper child lock system available. So that no children can interfere in the settings of the home air purifier. These features are additional but are as important as necessary features.

Different type of Home Air Purifier

About Different type of Home Air cleaner.
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There are different kind of Home Air Purifier in which some are

Ultraviolet Air Purifiers

Ultraviolet (UV) air purifiers utilize ultraviolet light and remove harmful viruses, bacteria, and pathogens. On the other hand, home, room air purifiers having UV technology are small, compact appliances. However, They filter the air in our home through a chamber filled with UV light. These are in high demand.

HEPA Air Purifiers

These HEPA air purifiers machines use advanced air filter technology to remove 99.7% of all particles larger than 0.2 microns from the air. Moreover, These HEPA air purifiers are highly effective at removing particles like pollen, dander, mold from the air.

Ionic Air Purifiers

The Ionic Air Purifiers operate without a motor. Ionic home, room Air Purifying machines transmit negative ions into the air, which bond with positively charged, airborne particles like dust, making these particles much heavy that they further eventually fall out. However, Some ionic purifiers have electrostatic precipitators that trap positively charged particles to a metal plate inside the air purifier thereby providing fresh air.

Activated Carbon Air Purifiers

If you want to remove odors and smells from your home, an activated carbon air cleaner or purifier is the only type that is designed to eliminate odors, chemicals, fumes, from the air. However, This means they are less effective at removing pollen, dander, dust, or mold from the air unless it is a HEPA air filter. As well as these are not that effective, but are used for getting an amount of clean air.

FAQ regarding home Air Purifier

Frequently asked questions.
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1 Does home air purifier protect the whole house?

Although there is a different kind of home air purifier, the size is different. Thus, it depends upon the amount of area which a Home Air Purifier can cover. Moreover, the area which it can cover is given in detail specification.

2 Which is the best place wher we can keep Home Air Purifier in house?

The best place for keeping the Home Air Purifier machine is where we spend most of the time. Also, there are some places in the house where we feel more air suffocation, as well as a bad smell. So, we can keep the Home Air Purifier machine accordingly.

4 What are different kind of Home air purifiers?

There are various kinds of home air purifiers. Such as Ultraviolet air purifiers, HEPA air purifiers, Activated carbon air purifiers, ionic air purifiers, as well as electronic air cleaners, etc.

5 Is it worthy to buy home air purifier ?

It is always a good deal to get a good health. If we are buying home air purifiers and get fresh, pure air without any contamination. So yes, it’s a good deal and full of worth.

Editor’s Note | Home Air Purifier

The home air purifier is an excellent device. It is very beneficial to remove the contaminated air from the surroundings and convert it into the fresh and purest form of pure air. These devices protect us from harmful dust, pollution, bad smell, etc. These home air purifiers are best for someone having health issues like asthma, chest issues, etc. So, as an editor i will definitely suggest that we should go for these home air purifiers for getting a pure and free form of air.


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