Hospital visits are not always appealing to the human race. However, we are here to make your experience deluxe with the best hospitals in Hyderabad. Here is a guide for the best private hospitals in Hyderabad. Also, we have selected only the top big hospitals in Hyderabad. The only possible reason is for your speedy recovery that we wish for. Further, we have listed the details of famous hospitals in Hyderabad. We have also given the contact details for the same. This guide covers you with the best private hospitals from our top picks. Moreover, we hope that you find this guide useful during your hard times. Hence, we are here to ease your hard times with our best choices.

Best Private Hospitals in Hyderabad

Nowadays, medical assistance is something which is looked up to by many people in need. Considering the ongoing scenario, we have tried to do our best in choosing the best famous hospitals in Hyderabad. This article has a list of famous private hospitals so that you don’t panic in the hour of need. We have made sure that these hospitals have the top provision for patients. The experienced doctors along with the staff as a whole make these hospitals stand out from the others. One of the great pros of a private hospital is that it gives you better healthcare service in comparison to government hospitals. The current time makes us choose the best only. .Let’s dive into our guide for the best hospitals in Hyderabad.

1. Virinchi Hospitals

This is the logo of Virinchi hospitals for the best private hospitals in Hyderabad.
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Firstly, the hospital we’ve chosen with the best private services is none other than Virinchi. Moreover, VH has around 3 hospitals in Hyderabad itself. The multi-special hospital is one of the best places to overcome your hard times. Also, large acres of land in Banjara Hills are where the hospital stands. It consists of around 800 beds with 500 beds for operation. The large numbers and top-class facilities make this hospital a part of our top picks for you. VH is also proudly accredited with NABH. To exceed the goodness, the hospital has a solid team of 200+ clinicians. Along with all the pros, VH has also made its way to people’s hearts by establishing its name through the press and media.

High point features

  • It has an integrated OT-CSSD
  • Also, PET – CT
  • 3T MRI and 128 slice CT
  • 2 Cath labs

Contact Details

The VH hospital in Hyderabad further has an app to book your appointments at ease. Also, few important helplines are given below.

Reasons to choose VH

VH mainly focuses on giving out high-quality services for the patients. Moreover, the hospital has a history of international patients because of its excellence in medicine. Further, VH has successfully treated around 50,000 patients worldwide. VH is the best hospital in Hyderabad for multi-special fields as it includes all facilities ranging from basic consultation to treating severe diseases like cancer. Moreover, whenever you are in need of a famous private hospital in Hyderabad, this is definitely the best pick based on our research. Hence, the good name and services assure that VH is one of the best private hospitals in Hyderabad.

To know more about Virinchi hospitals and book an appointment, click here.

2. Yashoda Hospital

This the logo of the Yashodha for better reference and identification.
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Secondly, the big private hospital that we have based on our research is Yashoda Hospitals. The main pros of this private hospital are that it has around 3 hospitals in Hyderabad itself. The great service and medical benefits have helped the hospital expand well. Moreover, the college has special sectors for many severe diseases like heart problems and cancer. The group of hospitals successfully have around 2700 beds, which is a huge number. The 30+ years old experience in the field has polished their skills well and fine. Along with these, the hospital is a multi-specialty one, a one-stop place to cure any medical issue. The hospital has around 62 medical specialties.

High point features

  • The operation theatres assure up-to-date facilities for your benefit.
  • Also, the hospital gives full assurance to provide treatment for any given case with their best shot.
  • The staff and doctors make sure to maintain an environment of comfort by speaking wise words in order to ease their stress.
  • The hospital runs on the motive of providing truthful and best facilities for the incoming patients.
  • The hospital rooms are customized based on the patient’s request. Further, VIP suites are available with various services to choose from.
  • Also, there is a platter of options for standard rooms with great facilities too for your ease during the hard times.
  • Finally, based on the economic status, there are also general wards available with top facilities. The hospital has a canteen along with a 24 hour ATM and pharmacy.

Contact details

  • Helpline number – +91 4045674567
  • International helpline – +91 40 6600 0066

Reasons to choose YH

YH has around 30 years of experience in the field of medicine. The 700 experienced doctors provide great treatment to the patients with care. Hence, YH is hands-down another best hospital in Hyderabad for your ease in treatments.

3. Apollo Hospital

This is the logo of Apollo for better understanding and reference of the people.
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Thirdly, the top-famous hospital that we have chosen for you based on our research is Apollo Hospitals. AH further has its wings spread throughout our country with various branches. Moreover, AH has 30 years of experience with outstanding amenities. Further, the staff and doctors make it a point to cheer up the patients in order to ease their pain and stress. The warm behavior and welcoming of the patients with the aim of giving the best treatment has made the hospital one of the best private hospitals in Hyderabad. Also, Apollo is a multi-special hospital for all your medical needs.

High point features

  • Firstly, has up-to-date technology and special sections for right from minor to severe diseases.
  • You can also consult and book appointments for experienced doctors online based on your preference.
  • The hospital further has VIP suites and other facilities for your deluxe tenure during your hard times.
  • Further, AH has a history of International patients who choose AH for their medical expenses. The high-quality experienced doctors are the reason for AH’s success.

Contact details

Reasons to choose AH

AH has great success in all fields of medicine. Their service is considered to be A1 for decades. AH has also received awards from the TOI for the best hospital in Hyderabad. Apollo is a brand in itself. It has also been rated as the best multi-special hospital. Hence, this famous hospital facility in Hyderabad is really one of our best options for your smooth recovery.

To know more about AH and book an appointment, click here.

4. Continental Hospital

This is an image of the logo of Continental hospital for best hospitals in hyderabad.
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Fourthly, Continental Hospitals is another go-to multi-special hospital for your best health. The hospital is updated with the top facilities available. Moreover, if you’re looking out for a big private hospital with various facilities, you’re at the right place. The excellent service is much appreciated. Moreover, they have a history of satisfied patients. Also, they have recordings of patients speaking about their best time with CH. Further, CH has truly helped the patients ease their hard times. The hospital covers all the sectors of medical treatment being a one-stop for all your illness. Also, the hospital has multiple operation beds for ease. The hospital serves right from light to severe illness with a positive approach. Their main aim is to provide the best treatment to the patients. Therefore, CH is a great option in our list of private hospitals.

High point features

  • Linked internationally to around 84 hospitals
  • Also, the hospital has around 250 beds for patients.
  • The hospital has around 130+ doctors providing the best medical service.
  • Moreover, CH also has a full-time pharmacy for emergencies.
  • Further, the hospital has 4 operation theaters.

Contact details

  • Helpline number – 04067000000
  • Ambulance – 04067000111

Reasons to choose CH

As one of the top private hospitals, CH is given the tag of a certified OT. Also, its credits by NABH and JCI are sure reasons for you to choose CH. Further, the world-class service for patients and their treatment is to be appreciated. The hospital also has a history of patients traveling from abroad to get the services from CH. Hence, here’s another private hospital for your healthy future.

To know more about Continental Hospital and book your appointments, click here.

5. Star Hospitals

This is an image for the logo of star hospitals portraying the famous private hospitals in Hyderabad.
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The fifth hospital that we’ve chosen for you based on our research is ‘Star Hospitals’. As the name suggests, the hospital gives great medical services for people in need. The private hospital in Hyderabad has multi-special areas in medicine. Also, the doctors are very cooperative who give the best treatment at affordable rates. Like any other hospital, SH also provides 24 hours service along with quick support to emergency patients. Further, star hospital is popular for its good name and service in Hyderabad. This, therefore, makes it one of the top 5 private hospitals in Hyderabad.

High point features

  • Excellent critical care for patients in need.
  • Around 24+ healthcare departments based on your needs.
  • Further has its branches extended to 3 states in India.
  • SH as a team makes sure to give you the best treatment with ease.
  • The expenses throughout are pocket-friendly for people looking out for the best private hospitals.

Contact details

Reasons to choose Star Hospitals

SH has a great name in the list of International patients too! Moreover, the hospital is known by NABH and NABL. The quick and affordable service in the list of private hospitals makes it reach the top 5 list of famous hospitals in Hyderabad. Hence Star Hospital is definitely one of our fine picks based on our best guide for you.

To know more about Star Hospitals, click here.

Going through these hard times must be tough. This might further reflect on your health. We care for your health and hope that you are in the best of your abilities. Click here for a guide to overcome sleep disorder problems. Further, to know more about Covid in Hyderabad, click here.

FAQs regarding Best Hospital in Hyderabad

Are the private hospitals trustable?

The given best 5 hospitals for the best private hospitals in Hyderabad indeed provide the best healthcare facilities. Also, they make it a point to pay extra individual attention for your benefit and good health.

Which is the best private hospital for treatment in Hyderabad?

Apollo and Virinchi are no doubt the best gems of Hyderabad which help patients overcome hard times. These hospitals provide deluxe suites for patients who look out for luxury too. However, all 5 mentioned hospitals are considered to be the top choices for your health.

Are the top-ranked hospitals pocket friendly?

Most of these hospitals do have provisions for methods based on one’s preference. Hence, you’re sorted.

Is the OPD still in the run amidst the Covid scenario?

Yes, these multi-special hospitals do have their OPD sections open. Also, most of these hospitals also are centers for vaccination.

Editor’s Note| Best Hospital In Hyderabad

The search of private hospitals in our country in the middle of the Covid scenario is increasing to alarming heights. People majorly depend on sources which assure good health. In this guide, the private hospitals mentioned are a few of the famous and big private hospitals in Hyderabad. Moreover, if you wish to have a look at the hospital, the hospitals also provide a virtual tour on their specific websites. Also, all of these hospitals are well-experienced and have treated international patients. Hence, the doctors here are well experienced.

In all, we hope the best for you and your family. We hope that this guide helps you to choose the best private hospitals in Hyderabad with ease.


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