Hair is dear to anyone. Taking care of it is important. Looking for the Best Professional Hair Color/Colour Brand in India? We bring top hair dye brands/ hair color brand names for you!

About the Best Hair Color Brand in India

We’ve all seen the pain of having freshly colored hair that begins to show signs of extreme dryness and harm as a result of the chemicals in the colors. In addition, For years, it’s been an option between charging high salon fees to keep the color or living with limp, dry hair after a coloring session. However, some of the best hair color brands in India today are making it all about having gorgeous colors without breaking the bank, while still caring for your hair.

Furthermore, Hair dying is one of the most traditional traditions that has been practiced for a very long time. While Hair coloring, on the other hand, has a much more important role in fashion today than it did 100 years ago.

Also, It has been a very popular necessity for the whole family, from the elders coloring their hair to the kids trying out new shades every now and then. It might not even be lasting. A few highlights could provide you with the extra boost you need. People often dye their hair to convey various viewpoints or to make a comment.

Top 5 Hair Colour or Dye Brands in India

We got the best ones for you

1) L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss, Plum/Burgundy

Best Color Brand in India for your care
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This is an ammonia-free hair color that produces natural-looking colors of sparkling tones and a glossy finish. The hair color softens the hair while emphasizing the shades of richness. It can withstand up to 28 shampoos. The non-drip creme formula takes 20 minutes to apply and is both simple and safe.

Furthermore, The super-nourishing formula of Casting Creme Gloss caring conditioner leaves your hair nourished, smooth, and busty. There are 11 shiny colors to choose from. Also, for beginners, the crème formula is simple to apply in just 20 minutes. Colouring becomes a luxurious experience thanks to the delicate fragrance. Casting Creme Gloss by L’Oreal Paris India provides natural-looking performance and ultra-glossy color.


They are the world’s leading cosmetics brand, making the best of beauty available to all. They are committed to quality, scientific excellence. Furthermore, With L’Oréal Paris, beauty is associated with luxury and accessibility, allowing fans all over the world to create their own look. Looking for the Best professional Hair Color/Colour Brand in India? We bring top hair dye brands/ hair color brand names for you!
L’Oréal Paris is proud to give its customers an extensive range of the most innovative beauty care with proven efficacy and protection, thanks to its more than 40 years of leading scientific research legacy.

2) BBLUNT’s Hair Color

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The Salon Secret series by BBlunt has received a lot of positive feedback. The salon secret is a three-part hair color that contains a special shine tonic. Furthermore, This one is also ammonia-free. It’s also enriched with silk proteins, which ensures that the color lasts up to eight weeks and leaves your hair smooth. In just 30 minutes, BBLUNT Salon Secret’s groundbreaking 3-part hair color transforms your hair and makes you glow. The hair color comes in a three-part formula that includes a luxurious creamy color, a developer, and a special shine tonic to finish.

Silk Proteins are in the color of BBLUNT Hair, which makes the hair smooth and glossy. This rich paint is 100% grey, lasts for up to eight weeks, and is free of ammonia.
Furthermore, BBLUNT Secret Crème Hair Color Salon is available in seven bright colors. In a mixing tub, add the Colorant, developer, and shine clay to a smooth paste. Apply and hold the mixture for 30 minutes before rinsing as quickly as possible.


BBLUNT was created by Adhuna Bhabani and her brother Osh Bhabhani, who has over ten years of experience in hairdressing. They founded BBLUNT as a “destination hair salon,” the first of its kind in India, with the help of a team of highly skilled stylists. However, the brand’s claim to fame is its Dil Chahta Hai hairstyling debut, which defied the industry’s mainstream hairstyling model. Looking for the Best professional Hair Color/Colour Brand in India? We bring top hair dye brands/ hair color brand names for you!

3) Garnier Color Naturals

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Garnier Color Naturals are known for providing comparatively good and intense colors for the price range. The colors in this collection are enriched with three precious oils, so the formula nourishes your hair when coloring, reducing dryness.

Garnier Color Naturals is a crème hair color that covers 100% of grey hair and gives you a beautiful, rich color. Furthermore, It provides rich, long-lasting color that lasts up to 8 weeks. Color Naturals is available in eight gorgeous shades that are especially suited to Indian skin tones.

It comes in an easy-to-use kit that you can use at your ease in the comfort of your own home! It contains the goodness of three oils – Almond, Olive, and Avocado – which nourish hair and provide shiny, long-lasting color. Furthermore, Your hair will appreciate the nourishment, and you will appreciate the color! To use, combine equal parts colorant and developer in a plastic or glass bowl and apply the mixture to dry, unwashed hair with a brush. Allow sitting for 30 minutes before rinsing with water. To expose shiny, rich hair color, apply a post-color-care conditioner (provided in the kit) to the hair and rinse.


 Garnier began with hair care items made with natural ingredients and has since expanded into the field of skincare. It claims that nature provides the best self-care options, so Garnier products are often made with natural ingredients.

It has grown into a global body care company with seven primary product categories. Garnier offers a variety of treatments to suit the needs of its customers. Also, Garnier believes that everyone deserves the finest body care at an affordable price. Looking for the Best professional Hair Color/Colour Brand in India? We bring top hair dye brands/ hair color brand names for you!

4) Revlon Colorsilk Hair Color

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Revlon Colorsilk is an ammonia-free permanent hair dye. It has silk proteins to help keep hair in good condition. In the comfort of your own house, you will achieve 100 percent grey coverage. Furthermore, This specially formulated permanent hair color formula contains Revlon 3D color gel technology. It provides rich, a multidimensional color that is both natural-looking and long-lasting. Color that is multi-tonal, giving your hair definition and dimensionality from root to tip. Revlon Colorsilk with Keratin has a UV defense system.

Also, This Revlon color known for having 3D color technology, which aims to provide pure, rich color with apple extracts. Since the whole line is ammonia-free, you can trust that your hair will thank you for using it. It also contains UV protection in the formula. It helps to keep the color vibrant and textured while also caring for your hair. Looking for the Best professional Hair Color/Colour Brand in India? We bring top hair dye brands/ hair color brand names for you!


It is the country’s first foreign cosmetics brand. In the world of color cosmetics and personal care, the brand has established a long-standing reputation as a color authority and beauty style icon. It is dedicated to high-quality product creativity, success, and lavish glamour. The company is constantly introducing new products and color patterns while keeping the Indian consumer’s tastes in mind.

Furthermore, In terms of technology, the Company has an advantage over Indian brands; it draws experience from Revlon’s Advanced Research Centre in Edison, New Jersey (USA), and stays true to its strict product quality requirements.

Furthermore, Today, Revlon’s wide variety of brands is available in approximately 40,000 outlets across India, as well as 100 Exclusive Brand outlets. Also, The company is based in New Delhi and has four regional offices. Two manufacturing units also produce products locally. As a customer-focused business, it is constantly striving to enhance its product.

5) L’Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion Highlights Hair Color

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The Excellence Highlights are a new L’Oreal Paris collection designed for those of us who enjoy a good hair. And when they say highlights, they really mean it. The rich blonde/amber color is visible on Indian hair (though you may need to keep it for a bit longer if you have hair that usually does not take to color well).

They are essentially custom-made highlights that blend in perfectly with your hair. The package contains a quick application brush created in partnership with our experts, making it simple to achieve the perfect brown to a blonde matte look. Customize your look with L’Oréal Paris items that are tailored to your specific needs and style. Furthermore, Excellence Fashion Highlights provides salon-quality hair color highlights. Looking for the Best professional Hair Color/Colour Brand in India? We bring top hair dye brands/ hair color brand names for you!


They are the world’s leading cosmetics company, bringing the best in beauty to everyone. They are dedicated to performance, scientific excellence, and ongoing innovation. Furthermore, Beauty is synonymous with luxury and accessibility with L’Oréal Paris, enabling fans all over the world to make their own look. L’Oréal Paris is proud to offer its consumers a diverse range of healthy beauty products with proven effectiveness and safety.

FAQs regarding Best Hair Color Brand in India


Hair color refers to dying your natural hair color into different hair color according to you own preference or liking by applying the products on your hair.


Earlier it was assumed that hair color destroys your hair fully but with time companies have adapted and started using natural ingredients in their products. Hence, if you are applying hair color it is totally safe and sometimes it benefits your hair growth and health too.


Due to increasing competition in this particular industry of hair color, the products launched by the firms are pretty much low and are offered with reasonable rates and schemes.

Editor’s Note | Best Hair Color Brand in India

We’ve been told that coloring your hair is bad for your natural hair, but we’re no longer satisfied. Also, The things in hair dye have changed due to the impact of new technology. Hair coloring may have advantages, such as sealing the hair shaft for healthier-looking hair. You can quickly color your grey hairs with an at-home hair color kit if you want to get rid of them. Semi-permanent color will stain or cover up grey hair.

If your hair is limp and lacking length, or if it lacks shine and a shiny finish, a new hair dye will completely transform your dull strands. Hair coloring will highlight texture and add shine to restore your hair’s shine after overexposure. Your natural hair color does not balance your natural skin tone, resulting in a mismatch between two basic elements of a beautiful look. Also, Your hair color should match your skin tone, so changing it up is always a good reason. It can also draw attention away from any skin issues you choose to hide by highlighting your cheekbones.


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