With frequent additions of new diseases and illnesses, maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become a must! We paid a heavy price for the changes in our lifestyle. The price of not being able to afford self-care. We often forget to pay attention to ourselves and develop serious illnesses. In the same vein, we don’t devote enough time to keep a check on these illnesses due to our hectic schedules. One such illness is Diabetes. India has among the highest patient count for diabetes. The best way to manage your diabetes is to constantly keep checking your blood sugar levels with the help of glucometer strips or sugar test kits. Having the best Glucometer in India to check your blood sugar proves to a boon! So, to throw some light on this, we bring to you the best blood sugar test machines. Let’s begin!

What is a Glucometer and its importance?

Glucometer is a combination of two terms that is glucose and meter. It is a device that is used to monitor blood sugar levels. In addition, it is also called a blood sugar test machine. Glucometer strips help to keep a check on the current blood sugar levels in a person and therefore, prove to of great help to a diabetic person. These are the few benefits of using a sugar test kit:

  • The only way to know the blood sugar levels accurately at any given time. The Glucometer helps to do this.
  • In addition, regular testing of the blood sugar levels helps in the detection of high and low levels. Further, due to this, you can also know the causes of the changes in the level.
  • Glucometer allows checking the blood sugar levels at the comfort of your home. As a result, you can check it whenever you want without worrying about going to a hospital.
  • It also helps to show how well the patient is able to manage diabetes. It shows the exact result of the meals, exercises, and insulin therapy done by the patient.
  • Further, it also prevents the blood sugar levels to reach extremes and also avoids complications.
  • Doctors can also use these readings to plan proper treatment for the patients.
Rich results on the blood sugar levels testing machine and glucometer strips

Guide on buying a Glucometer

A faulty glucometer gives incorrect readings. In addition, it can also be dangerous. Since, treatments for diabetes depends entirely on the blood sugar levels. Therefore, buying the best sugar or glucometer strips is very important. Here’s our guide on buying a blood sugar test machine/kit.

  • Accuracy: The accuracy of a glucometer is one of the most important factors you should consider while buying one. The doctor decides the treatment according to the readings of the glucometer. So, it is very important to buy a glucometer that accurately shows the blood sugar levels. Therefore, always go for a glucometer that has good reviews and also a performance history.
  • Test Time: People who take insulin are suggested by doctors to check their blood sugar levels twice or thrice a day. So, it is important a glucometer shows results quickly. Waiting for results can be tedious if you have to test many times and also have to wait long. Therefore, always buy a glucometer which takes less time like 5 seconds or even less.
  • Blood Sample Range: A glucometer that requires less than one microliter of blood sample is the best one to go for. Glucometers with less blood sample range also prevent wastage of sugar test strips.
  • Markers: Markers or flags record the readings at different times of the day. The readings vary a lot during different times of the day. The doctor can study the readings given by the markers and understand the condition clearly.

List of Top 5 Best Glucometer in India

Accu-Check Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit

Picture of Accu Check Blood Glucose Meter Kit
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Accu-Check is one of the best Glucometers in India. It is a very authentic brand that is trusted by millions for its accuracy and excellent quality products. In addition, it is a very compact device that is easy to use. Further, its small size makes it portable and very handy. Also, it has been loaded with amazing features. This sugar test kit does not require coding. It is automatic and hence, very accurate and comfortable. Further, due to this, the errors are also reduced in number, and chances of incorrect readings are less. The glucometer comes with two buttons. Firstly, the set button helps to set the time and date on the device while using it for the first time. Secondly, the memory button stores the data of all the test results.

The striking feature is that it has an 8 seconds re-dose option. As a result, your sugar test strips don’t get wasted and also avoids unnecessary pricking. It has an LCD display which is pretty large. In addition, it also shows the readings clearly without straining your eyes. Also, it comes with a feature that allows you to check the result twice. Moreover, it can be set to remind you about the tests after and before your meals. In short, it is the best Glucometer in India.


  • Test time: 5 seconds.
  • Blood Sample Size: 1.5 Microliter.
  • Number of Lancets: 10.
  • Memory: 500 tests.
  • Warranty: 10 years.
  • Number of glucometer strips: 10.


You can buy this amazing Glucometer for INR 1549.

One-Touch Select Plus Simple Blood Glucose Monitor

Image results on One touch with glucometer strips
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One Touch ranks among the best Glucometers in India. It is one of the most advanced brands. It has an automatic coding. As a result, there is no place for errors occurring due to miscode. Further, it is very accurate and also meets the quality checks. The device does not have any buttons. So, it is easier to understand and use. Moreover, the sugar test kit comes with ten sterile lancets and ten sugar test strips. The device is very fast. It also requires less amount of blood for the test. Further, it shows results within 5 seconds. The testing process is very easy and user-friendly. You just have the put the glucometer strips into the device, then put the blood on the strip and then within five seconds the device will show the result on the large screen.

Moreover, the device also has color indicators. These will help to understand the readings better. It also tells when your blood sugar level is low or high. Further, it has an audio signal also. Therefore, it is easy to understand and take down a reading. When your blood sugar level is low, a blue color is indicated. Meanwhile, it is red when your blood sugar level is high. To conclude, One Touch is among the top blood sugar test machine.


  • Test time: 5 seconds.
  • Blood Sample Size: 1 Microliter.
  • Number of lancets: 10.
  • Number of sugar test strips: 10.
  • Warranty: 3 years.


You can buy the One Touch Select for INR 1112.

Dr. Trust Blood Sugar Testing Machine

Picture results on Dr Trust blood sugar test machine
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Dr. Trust is another best Glucometer in India. It has some really great features. In addition, The glucometer strips use GDH-FAD technology. In the same vein, the technology accurately monitors blood sugar levels without any errors. Moreover, the strips also require a very less amount of blood for testing. Not only this, but the device also allows you to draw blood from different. As a result, it does not hurt to remove blood from the same spot multiple times. The glucometer disposes of the used sugar test strips very easily and prevents them from contagion. In addition, the device has a preset code that increases the accuracy. The device has a good LCD display that shows all the required nicely. It also has a backlight which makes the readings visible at night also.

The glucometer shows smileys on the display. It shows a smiling face if the result is good, meanwhile it shows a sad face if the result is not good. The device also gives a ketone warning. In addition, it also come with three modes: General, AC and PC. Further, it has a alarm feature that helps to remind you about the tests. In short, it is a good blood sugar test machine.


  • Test Time: 5 seconds.
  • Blood Sample Size: 0.5 Microliter.
  • Number of lancets: 60.
  • Number of sugar test strips: 60.
  • Memory: 1K test results.
  • Warranty: 1 year.


You can buy the Dr Trust Glucometer for INR 899.

BeatO Smartphone Sugar Testing Machine

good results on BeatO sugar test kit
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BeatO Glucometer is the blood sugar test machine for the new generation. It literally allows you to track your blood sugar levels in your smartphone. In addition, it is very compact and small in size which can be attached to the audio port of your phone. Further, it is very handy and can be taken anywhere with you. It works absolutely fine with Android and iPhones. It is very user-friendly. You just have to connect the glucometer with the strip to the smartphone. The BeatO launches automatically. It then stores all the data related to your readings and timings. Due to this, keeping a track of your readings is very feasible. More importantly, it is very important in emergency cases. The app allows you to create groups including your family and doctors. As a result, they can be informed real quick in case of any disappointing results.

It also comes with a battery that lasts for three long years. In addition, you can perform up to 4000 tests and store the data precisely. To sum it up, for all the tech-savvy people this is your option.


  • Test time: 10 seconds.
  • Blood sample size: 0.6 mg/dl.
  • Number of lancets: 50.
  • Number of sugar test strips: 50.
  • Warranty: 1 year.


You can buy the all new BeatO Glucometer for INR 899.

Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer

Image on Dr Morepen with glucometer strips
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Dr Morepen is a great sugar test kit. It is a great device that makes measuring blood sugar levels easy. It has a well-built design which can be held easily. The device has a very user-friendly process. You just have to put the battery in the device. Also, it does not need any coding since it has preset coding. This improves the accuracy of the results and errors are not caused. Further, it requires very less amount of blood for testing. As a result, it prevents wastage of blood. Moreover, it also allows you to take blood from different parts. Therefore, you don’t experience pain in the same part due to multiple tests in a day.

The device stores 300 test results and hence, makes analysis better. It also has a beeper. The beeper alerts the person to take tests according to the schedule. Above all, it has a lifetime warranty which is a really good advantage. Therefore, it is one of the best Glucometer in India.


  • Test time: 5 seconds.
  • Blood Sample Size: 0.5 Microliter.
  • Number of lancets: 10.
  • Number of sugar test strips: 25.
  • Memory: 300 Tests.
  • Warranty: Lifetime.


You can buy Dr Morepen Glucometer for INR 575.

Additionally, you can buy all these best glucometer in India on Amazon.

FAQ | Best Glucometer in India

What is coding in a glucometer?

There are two types of coding in a glucometer. Firstly it is a manual, in which you have a set code every time you test for the blood sugar levels. Secondly, it is automatic, in which the codes are preset. It is always advisable to choose the automatic blood sugar testing machine. If you enter a wrong code by mistake it can give incorrect readings and can be dangerous.

What are some of the symptoms of diabetes?

Some of the symptoms of Diabetes are frequent urination, increased hunger, weight loss, increased thirst, Fatigue, blurred vision, and very slow healing when got hurt.

Which finger should be pricked?

According to WHO, you should prick the middle or ring finger in order to test your blood sugar levels.

Which is the Best Glucometer in India?

According to us, Accu-Check Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit is the best Glucometer in India. It is the most trusted brand. In addition, it has all the latest features and meets all the quality standards. Further, it also has a 10-year warranty. The customers are also very happy with the product. As a result, it is recommended by all doctors too. Therefore, it is the best blood sugar test machine.

Editor’s Note | Best Glucometer in India

To sum it up, with changing lifestyles the health conditions have taken a turn. With high-tech glucometers, the task of monitoring your blood sugar levels has definitely become easier. Due to their accuracy, you can easily lead a normal life without worrying much about your Diabetes. You can use glucometers easily at home since they are user-friendly. For this, you should first switch the glucometer on. Then, take the sugar test strips and connect any one of them to the glucometer port by inserting. Further, take out a fresh glucometer lancet. Now, prick your finger carefully. Now, take out the glucometer strip and put the blood sample on its one end. Finally, take down your readings. Nowadays, all the sugar test kits are very fast and accurate. You get the readings within seconds.

Also, the new glucometers have pretty cool features like wireless connectivity which have made the testing process easier. In addition, always consult your doctor before buying a glucometer. However, choosing from so many options can bamboozle you. To help you out, we have enlisted the Top 5 Best Glucometers in India. All these are of excellent quality and have got amazing reviews. We are sure that this will help you in buying the best glucometer. Best of luck!

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