Mobile Phones have become the need of the hour. A mobile phone helps people to stay updated as well as safe. More importantly, it has been successful in bringing people close to each other. Everyone wants a great phone that has some amazing features and does not burn your wallet. Having an Android phone under 5000 with all the latest features is a dream of many. To help you out we have enlisted the Best Mobile Phone under 5000 with 4G. Although you have a restraint on the budget, however, we still have managed to list some of the best mobiles with the price tag of 5000 rupees. These phones have good features that are perfect for people who have basic needs. In addition, all of them are from trusted brands and also have great reviews. So, Let’s begin with our article on the best Mobile Phone under 5000.

List of Top 5 Best Mobile Phone Under 5000

Here, we bring to you the Top Mobile Phones under 5000. These Android mobile phones have some excellent features which are worth the price of 5000. We have highlighted all the main features of these phones. In addition, we have also discussed their price and some of the key points of all these phones. We are sure that this article will definitely help you with your choice under your budget. Further, all these mobiles are of excellent quality and have great reviews. Without further delay, let’s get started.

Rich results on 4g mobile under 5000

Samsung Galaxy A01 Core

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Samsung Galaxy A01 Core is the best mobile phone under 5000. It comes with some really cool features which are totally worth the price you pay for it. To begin with, it has a smashing 5.3-inch TFT display. In addition, it has features like GPS, Bluetooth, and WiFi. It is a phone that has a solid built and also has a firm plastic back as well side frames. Further, the phone has a height of 141mm and a width of 8.62mm. Moreover, the speakers and the power button are placed on the right side of the phone. Furthermore, it has an audio jack at the bottom. The mobile also comes in a few colors. For instance, Red, Black, and Blue. The Samsung Galaxy is a great mobile with 4G under 5000.

The mobile also clicks some pretty good images and records videos of 1080p. It has an 8MP rear Camera and a 2.2MP front camera. The camera has some latest features like Panorama, HDR, and also Autofocus. In addition, it also has a 5MP camera for clicking selfies. However, you can shoot 1080p videos with the help of the rear camera. The camera quality surely is great as per the price we are paying for this phone. The phone uses Android v10 OS. It has 1GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. You can use this storage to store your data and apps. In addition, it has a 3000 mAh removable battery.


This amazing 4G mobile will cost you INR 4999.

Gionee Max

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Gionee Max is one of the best mobile phones under 5000. It provides praiseworthy features for mobiles under the price of 5000. It flashes a 6.1-inch color display. In addition, it has a multitouch display and also has a waterdrop notch. Further, the phone also has an HD+ resolution along with pixel density. This mobile has a great dual-rear camera. It also has a LED Flash for capturing great images and shooting videos. Moreover, it has a 13 MP rear camera that can be used to shoot 1080p videos. The phone also has a 5MP front camera to capture selfies and for video conferencing. The phone works on a 1.6GHz processor and Android v10 OS. In addition, the phone also has 2GB RAM and also has user-friendly sensors like Proximity and many more.

Further, the key feature of this phone is that it has a 5000 mAh battery. However, it takes a little longer than usual to charge the phone. The phone also has 32 GB of internal storage that can be used to store all the data. More importantly, it has an extra slot for inserting extra memory up to 256 GB. It has the normal connectivity of 3G, 4G, and also some amazing features like Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, and HD calls. It is, therefore, the best 4G android mobile phone under the price of 5000.


The Gionee Max mobile phone will cost you INR 4999.

Panasonic Eluga I7

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Panasonic Eluga I7 is among the best mobile phones under 5000. It sports great deal of features for this budget. The phone has dual sim feature. You can use many sims at the same time in order to avoid using different phones. In addition, the phone also offers a responsive touchscreen. As a result, you get a more interactive experience. It flashes a 5.45-inch display. This is quite a big screen as compared to others mobiles at the same price of 5000. Moreover, it has a very good resolution which displays sharper and clearer images and videos. Further, the phone also has an LED flash to support photography in low light. In addition, it has a 8 MP front camera that takes great selfies and aids in video calling. The mobile also has a memory card slot. As a result, you can expand the memory up to 128 GB.

In addition, the phone also has a fast CPU. A fast CPU ensures that you have a smooth experience with the phone. The mobile phone has connectivity of 3G and 4G. Also, it supports calling over the 4G network. With all these great features, it also has features like a fingerprint sensor, music player, Bluetooth, and WiFi. Therefore, it is the best android phone under 5000.


The Panasonic Eluga I7 will cost you INR 5000.

Realme C2s

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Realme C2s is ranked among the best mobile phones under 5000. It flashes a large 6.1-inch LCD display. In addition, it also has curved glass at the corners. Further, the phone also has a screen with an HD+ resolution. The mobile offers great spec according to the price being paid for it. Moreover, it sports a 13 MP dual-rear camera for taking some decent pictures and shooting 1080p videos. In addition, it also has a front camera of 5 MP for selfies and also for face unlock. The phone uses an Android v9 OS. This phone has 3GB RAM and decent specs as per its price. In addition, it has a great battery of 4000 mAh which is non-removable.

In comparison to the display of this mobile, the battery life is really good and also lasts long. Moreover, you also get an in-box charger to charge the phone. This mobile has an internal storage of 32 GB. You can use this space to store important apps and games as well. In addition, you also get a memory card slot. Therefore, you can expand the memory up to 128 GB. The phone allows normal connectivity like 3G, 4G as well as VoLTE. Due to this, you can make calls over the 4G network. The additional features include a headphone jack, a USB port, Bluetooth, WiFi. In short, it is the best android mobile phones with 4G under the price of 5000


The Realme C2s will cost you INR 3499.

iKall K325

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The iKall K325 is one of the best mobile phones under 5000. It sports some really awesome features in terms of its price. It has a dual sim slot. The phone has two slots for two different sim cards at the same time. In addition, it also has a multitouch screen which gives a very interactive experience for the user. It also has a big display of 5.5-inch. As a result, watching videos, images becomes pleasant. Further, it has a high resolution screen. Therefore, it displays images more clearly and appear sharper than usual. It has a 8MP Camera with autofocus to click pretty decent images and also to shoot videos. The mobile also has a 5 MP front camera that supports video calling and selfies. It also supports an external memory card. With this, you can store your extra songs, documents, and images up to 64 GB.

It also has a 4 G-enabled handset. Due to this, you can experience faster internet and more download speed. The mobile has a 4000 mAh battery. However, the battery is non-removable. It also has a 3.5mm headphone jack. This allows you to connect your phone to bigger devices. The phone can also detect motion. It detects the horizontal as well as vertical movement of the phone. Also, it has additional features like Bluetooth and WiFi. It also has a USB port. In conclusion, it is among the best android mobile phone under the price of 5000.


The iKall K325 will cost you INR 4489.

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FAQ | Mobile Phone Under 5000

Which is the least costly mobile under 5000 with 4G?

According to our list of the best mobile phones under 5000 the least costly phone is the Realme C2s. This phone has some really amazing features which are worth the price we pay for it. It comes with a good camera, memory as well as battery. This phone is definitely a wise choice if you have budget restraints.

Which is the best phone under 5000?

We have concluded that Samsung Galaxy A01 Core is the best phone under 5000. The phone is well-equipped with all the latest features and is definitely worth the buy. It has a 5.3-inch TFT display. Also, the camera has updated features like Panorama, Autofocus. In addition, it also has a 3000 mAh battery and comes in three cool colors like Red, Blue, and Black.

Which phone has the biggest screen?

The Gionee Max comes with a fantastic 6.1-inch display. Due to this pretty large display viewing photos becomes easier. Also, watching videos on a bigger screen is always a treat to the eyes. Further, the screen is of high resolution which displays clearer and sharper images.

Editor’s Note | Mobile Phone Under 5000

To sum it up, mobile phones have proved to be a blessing! They have made our lives easier and comfortable. Most of us wish to have the best phones that are loaded with features and also don’t empty your purse. For this, we have listed the best android mobile phones under the price of 5000 with 4G and other features. All the phones are worth the price they come for. In addition, they have good reviews from the users and also are user-friendly. The list includes mobiles that are of supreme quality. They have been ranked based on features like the camera, battery, operating system, and display.

In addition, we assure you that choosing any of these amazing phones would not disappoint you. These phones are affordable and provide all the basic features for the user. So, we hope that we have helped you with the choice of buying your next phone. Good luck with your purchase!

Additionally, if your budget increases at some point, here we have the best phones under 15000.


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