We are living in the 21st century which is fully technology-based. Being in the 21st century, the thing which is required by all is Laptop. This is something that has a very crucial part in the everyday working of everyone. Majorly, every individual of any field requires a laptop for some of the other works. let it be Engineers, Doctors, Students, Professors, as well as businessmen, etc. The problem arises over the fact that which laptop to buy. People are always confused regarding their choices. To make these situations easy, we will look deep into two major Laptop brands which are Dell and HP, and their feature, as well as which is best and better among Dell or hp from Dell Vs HP laptops.

Introduction to Dell Vs HP laptops

Introduction to dell vs hp laptops.
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Dell is the most trusted American brand which was found in 1984. It is named after its owner Mr. Michael Dell. Dell has its headquarter in Texas. Mostly, Its main manufacturing unit is in China, Malaysia, Penang, etc. Whereas, Dell is looking forward to starting its manufacturing in Chennai, India. The quality of dell to produce high range features laptops has made it everyone’s choice. t is the third-largest PC company in the world. The service, reliability, software, features offered by Dell is tremendous. we will further know about Dell in the coming topics.


Hewlett Packard is commonly known as HP. HP is an American company founded in 1939 having its headquarter in California. The company was founded by Bill Hewlett and David Packard. it manufactures PC, Hardware components, software, SMBs, Data storage, Networking, printers, etc. HP is the second-largest PC vendor after Lenovo. In the second quarter of 2020 HP stood up by 24.9 percent.

Which is better dell or hp as per dell vs HP laptops

Introduction to which is better dell or hp laptops.
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Both Dell as well as HP is a leading brand in the laptop market. The features offered by Dell are not less than HP neither HP is lesser than Dell. So, various factors can help us to determine that which is better Dell or HP. These are mentioned below


Regarding Processor and its importance and use.

Mostly, Processors, as well as CPU, are the first and basic factor which is considered in laptops while comparing. Further, Processors are kind of inbuilt chips. it helps in processing the output of the system and improves the working effort and prevents the lagging. The performance of the system is directly affected by the type of processor provided. Some of the processors are AMD Ryzen and Intel. The fastest core processors are intel core i9. Both are offered in dell as well as HP. The best processor of dell is the Precision 7730 is the fastest when it is equipped with Intel, Dell XPS 13 equipped with intel core i7, etc. The latest processor is the 10th generation intel core H Series. Learn about Complete Guide to start your Software Development Career.


The processors of Dell are more fast and reliable than HP as well as with better specification. Mostly, the Processor offered in dell is of Intel. Besides, there can be a difference of Core which is provided generation wise with laptops. The fastest processor in dell is the 10th Gen Intel core processor.


HP dint has many good processors as compared to dell. But, The precision and working are said to be a little slower whereas it also depends upon the Ram of the system. The latest processor offered in Hp laptop is Intel mobile Pentium III at 1 GHz.


Regarding Ram and its use.

Whenever anyone accesses the application, Ram stores the space of the application. In other words, Ram is a Random Access Memory that provides space to the application for its smooth working. There are two types of Ram. They are Static Ram and Dynamic Ram. Also, the Performance of the application being accessed on the laptop is directly affected by the amount of Ram provided by the system. for eg, there are 4 GB to 128 GB ram available. Someone who is a gamer or uses big applications will require more Ram.


Dell has been always pretty better when it comes to better Ram. Most of the laptops offer a high range of Ram. For example, some laptops of Dell which offer 16 GB Ram are Dell XPS 13 7390, Also, some offering 12 GB Ram is Dell Inspiron 15 5000 5570, 8 GB Ram is Dell Inspiron 15 3583, 4 GB Ram is Dell Vostro Core i3, etc. Further, we can opt according to our needs and application running capacity.


HP also provides a good amount of Ram. Further, they use DDR2 DIMM 533 Ram. For example, HP’s 4 GB Ram laptops is HP 14q-cy0006au, 8 Gb is HP 15s-du2078TU, 12 Gb is HP Pavilion 15-inch Laptop, 16 Gb is HP Pavilion x360 , etc. HP is not less than Dell when it comes to Ram.

Graphics Card

Regarding Graphic Card and its advantages.

Graphics Card is one of the most important types of features. Certainly, anyone let it be a student, Gamers, professionals, etc. Each and everyone demands a good range of graphic card as it provides better rendering speed for laptops. Also, Graphic cards do create and render the image which the system or application creates. There are two types of good graphic cards. Named as Nvidia and AMD. Among these, Nvidia is a good one which is basically in dell vs hp laptops.


As we need a high amount of Ram for better functioning of Laptops So, we need a higher amount of Graphic cards for better rendering as well as creating an image on display as an output. The higher the graphic card size higher will be the processing speed of image rendering. Dell G3 3500 Gaming Laptop offers 6 GB of graphic cards, Dell G3 3500 has 4 Gb Graphic Card, etc.


Graphic cards offered by HP are very good at rendering. Same as dell, HP too offers graphic cards of 2 Gb, 4 Gb, 6 Gb, etc. One of the 2 Gb graphic card laptops of hp is HP 15-BE002TX. Further, 4 Gb is HP Pavilion 15-AU134TX, 6 Gb is HP Pavilion Core i7 9th Gen, 8 Gb is HP Omen Core i7 9th Gen, etc.

Display as per Dell Vs HP Laptops

Regarding Display Of Dell Vs HP Laptops and its quality.

For getting a clear view of the output, the display should be a perfect one. If you will have a better graphic card but poor display then it will affect the display output adversely. Along with display quality, touch features as well as the size of the display are also kept in mind when you are searching for a dell vs hp laptop. The standard size of the laptop is 1280 x 800 dots resolution or 13 to 15-inch size. Further, Some display qualities are IPS or OLED, LCD, LED, AMOLED, etc. Also, they come with high definition qualities. The good quality one is IPS and Amoled.


Dell has been always been attractive when it comes to display factors. The average size of Dell laptops is 15 to 15.9 inches. Most of the laptops of dell come with LCD or IPS display. Dell provides a high definition display on many of its laptops. Some of them are Dell Inspiron i5748 which comes with a 17.3 inch LCD and 1600×900 resolution. Another one is Inspiron 14 7460 having a 14 inch IPS display, Dell XPS 12 Ultrabook has a 12 inch HD display, Inspiron 17 7000 comes with a 17-inch QHD touch display, etc.


Just like Dell, HP makes a display of very good qualities. These are LCD, LED, IPS, AMOLED, CGA, VGA, XGA, etc. On average, the size of the display of HP comes from 300 X 200 to 2048 x 536 pixels per inch. The average screen size of HP laptops is 15.6 inches. The highest size of HP laptop is HP ENVY having a 17.3 INCH display. Some of the sizes of HP laptops are HP 14-AM081TU having a 14-inch screen size, HP 15-R062TU having a 15.6 inches screen size, HP Envy having a 17-inch screen size, etc.


regarding use and benefits of battery of dell vs hp laptops.
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The battery is also one of the most important factors which are kept in mind when researching Dell Vs HP Laptops. Anyone who will buy a laptop let it be of Dell or HP, he will surely check its battery. No one will carry chargers along with them all the time. A laptop having all good features but a weak battery will be of no use. On average, a battery should have a life of two years. The battery backup of the laptop is also affected by the factor that how old the laptop is and how much the battery is consumed and charged per day.


Dell uses lithium-ion batteries which can get swollen upon exposure to heat and high uses. On average the battery of dell longs for 18-24 months. The long use of laptops over battery affects the battery after which the battery gets weaker. One of the good features of the Dell laptop’s battery is that it doesn’t get overcharged.


The battery of HP is not less than Dell in anyways. On average, the HP battery longs for 2 to 4 years. HP too uses a lithium-ion prismatic battery which has the power to charge 50 percent in 30 mins. HP battery does not over drain. So it’s ok if you plugged in and forgot but it can over drain the battery more fastly while being used.

which laptop is best hp or dell

Comparison among Dell Vs HP laptop and best among both.
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Dell and HP are so perfect that to figure out the difference and to know which is best is not everyone’s cup of tea. we will figure out some of the factors which will help us to know which is best.

Comparison as per dell vs HP laptops

Comparison among features and benefits.
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Mostly, HP offers much better and sophisticated features than dell which makes HP better than dell in this category. HP laptops possess a good range of features whereas dell lacks in it. The feature is one of the important facts which is needed by all. However, anyone who will go for a laptop will see its features. So, features are essential and mostly HP has good features than dell.


While comparing for battery we can say that HP is winning this category. HP laptops come with 3 cell and 4 cell batteries which gives good usage up to 12 hours. Dell is a bit slower in battery performance as we don’t see many laptops of dell giving an as good performance as HP.


The price factor is one of the most important criteria which makes the user search for different types of laptop. If someone would have much money so he won’t go for a lesser amount of laptops and someone having less money will not go for costly laptops. This factor makes companies make laptops of all the range. We can see that HP is a bit costlier as compared to Dell. Dell offers laptops for each range. If the budget of the buyer is big then he can go for HP otherwise if the budget is low then Dell is best.


We can see that Dell offers a standard size and looks for its laptops. Dell provides a good range of colors but HP provides a fine range of colors. Dell is quite famous for its professional and compact designs which do attract every individual.

Range Of Laptops

The range variety is very much in Dell than HP. Offers are too provided by Dell at continuous intervals. Sometimes people don’t have much money but they try to buy laptops for their needs. This problem is well stabilized in Dell. Dell has a large range of laptops that allow people to choose a laptop for their needs.

Overall Design

Dell laptops are large in size as compared to HP. Apart from this, the dell is handier and does not get heated up easily. Mostly, Dell does not get heated up easily as compared to HP. The airflow in Dell is better than HP which makes Dell laptops cooler.

Customer Service

This is information that mostly every individual who uses a laptop knows. Dell is the best brand to offer customer service. They provide offers more than others. Not only sales but also service after the sale is an excellent one. You will get customer support 24×7, as well as dell, offer service the whole year. HP provides a good website to help where you write your problem and their expert will provide you with the solution.

dell or hp

Regarding the selection among Dell or Hp laptops.
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For choosing anything, we have to go in deep and especially if we are comparing something very common. In dell vs hp, we saw lots of similarities as well as differences as well as there were some points where Hp was winning as well as there was some point where Dell was winning the show. for example, Dell offers good service as well as customer support. On the other hand, Hp offers better features. We can also see that dell offers a better look, display, specifications, no heating issues, etc. But, we can also observe that Hp has a good battery feature which cant be just ignored.

So, before choosing we must be very sure about the quality which we want on our laptop. If we want good features with battery life then hp is the best one otherwise we can go for dell as every coin has two faces so we should look at both.

which is best dell or hp

Finally regarding the best laptop among dell vs Hp laptops.
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While researching over the fact and topic that which is best dell or hp, we came across bunches of facts which helped us to know that which is best dell or hp. As mentioned above, we can see that most of the categories let it be a battery, cooling factor, display, range, price, design, Graphic cards, etc. In each category except features, dell is winning the race!

While researching, we got to know that Dell is winning the show in most of the aspects. However, we saw that HP is good in two major ranges that are features and battery. But, rest all of the categories are raising hands for dell. Dell has an excellent response for example in the category of Display, Service, Customer support, price, looks, etc. There are some categories like Graphic card, Operating system as well as Ram, Processor, etc in which we can see that Dell and HP are mostly the same. So, if you are conscious about the features, Battery, etc then you can choose HP otherwise dell is the best option.

FAQ regarding Dell Vs HP Laptop

Regarding Frequently asked Question in Dell vs HP Laptop.
1. Is Dell or HP Laptop is good in budget?

Frankly speaking, Dell is the most perfect budget laptop as you can get each category with a different range of laptops. Dell manufactures laptops as low as $299.

2. Which brand has good battery?

Without any confusion, HP offers better battery life than Dell. HP uses 3 to 4 cell Li-ion batteries which are more useful and durable.

3. Customer service of which brand is good?

Customer support of dell is perfect at any cost. Not only customer support but also the service offered by Dell is best of all.

4. Brand offering better features?

HP is the brand that offers far good features and battery than dell. Battery and features are the two important factors that make HP make a position in the market.

5. Which laptop is more innovative dell or hp ?

HP is more innovative than dell. There are some of the features as well as technologies that HP provides far better than dell.

COVID-19 Update | Dell Vs HP Laptops

Covid-19 has affected each category of the world. The technology world is also affected. Since covid was generated from china, Dell and HP are planning to shift their 30% laptop production away from China. Overall, since after covid-19 the opportunity of working from home has increased so it has made people buy more laptops which have increased the sale of laptops all over the world which is a positive sign. This is the only criterion whose sale is not affected in fact increased post-covid-19.


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