We all know that today the technology has overcome each and every aspect of life. Today we are totally or mostly dependent on technology-based gadgets such as Mobile phones, Laptops, smartwatches, etc. Laptops are the most occupied and used gadget after we started doing work from home as well as online classes. There are lots of work where we need printers to complete our project as well as to fulfill necessary documentations. We shall discuss below To know better about printers, Best Printer for Home Use in India, their features, comparisons, etc.

About Printers

Regarding printers and its features for Best Printer for Home Use.
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Printers are one of the very basic elements of computers. Printers perform some of the very basic and important works that cannot be done from other gadgets of such small and compact sizes. Printers work by converting digital images as well as texts over a hard copy by understanding the language of the system using specialized software.

Works done by Printers in Best Printer for Home Use

Some of the basic but important works dony by printers are

Personal Use

Here come printers which are used for works of home use, class, etc. These printers are very compact in size and are categorized into inkjet printers. These are basically designed for making small works of home. Know about Apple iPad

Bussiness use

There are many works perform by printers for business purposes such as making big hoardings, banners, lost information, advertisements, notices, making photos, graphic designing, making architecture plans, etc. These are some of the very common basic business done by using printers.

Top 5 All in One Printers

Regarding top  all in one printers and its features.
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Canon E4270

Canon E4270 is full of features along with a very cheap price. Along with copy, print, scan features, it also has the feature of fax. It also has 20-Sheet ADF features. It further provides a resolution of up to 4,800 x 1,200 dpi which thereby reduces the cost as well as improves the quality. The cost per page is a bit costlier which is approximately Rs. 1.3 and Rs. 3.5 respectively for Black and white as well as color prints which further provide a page yield of 500 sheets. Also, It can print to A4, A5, B5, Letter, and many other sizes of paper. Plain paper, photo paper, or glossy paper may be used which makes it the best home printer for home use in India.


Some of the essential features are the Wireless facility along with Dual-band Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth as well as operating systems of Android and iOS. Further, it also has Automatic duplex printing availability. It also supports advanced features like Mopria, AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Canon services. Besides the wireless options, we also get high-speed USB 2.0 is also. 100 sheets of 300 GSM paper can be held up in a tray. We also get a 1-year warranty.


Some of the cons are that it has more print cost along with low page yeild.

HP 419 – best home printer

An HP 419 is the best in-tank printer for home use. This is the mid-range printer which is kind of cheap also. One of the main features is that  It can print, copy, and scan while giving a 7,500 sheets page yield. thereby which reduces the cost of printing per sheet. 8 impression per minu8te is the printing speed for the black print as well as for color print it is 5. It has a 60 sheet paper tray capacity which makes it the best home printer for home use in India.


The features of HP 419 are the very latest ones. Not only it is very functional but also it has the latest and attractive features such as has Display which allows us to see the processing of the function. It has a Wi-Fi facility as well. It can print 400 to 800 pages per month which is very beneficial. It supports Windows as well as Mac operating system. We also get a 1-month warranty with it too.


Like every device, HP 419 too has some flaws which are such as it has low page yield as well as no ADF facility, etc.

HP DeskJet 2332

Regarding HP Deskjet 2332 and its features..
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This is one of the best home printers of HP for home use. These are equipped with scanners that are helpful in scanning, copying, as well as printing. Being a multifunctional printer, it makes our lot of work easier. Further, it has a USB connector type.


Some of the benefits are having good quality, scanner, affordable price within the best brand, less maintenance charge, etc. It has a 120-page yield of black and white whereas a 100-page yield in color. It also has a 1-year on-site warranty. It is available at the price of 4587 rupees which can change accordingly.


A few of the cons of the HP 415 are that it is little bit heavy having a 4.2 kg weight as well has no wireless support.

Epson L3152 – Best Printer for Home Use

This is an Ink Tank type printer that can print, copy as well as scan. It has a 7000 black and white page yield. The cost per print for this kind of printer for home use is 10 ppm for black and white whereas 5 ppm for color one. It is very suitable for use in home and office. It has 5,760 x 1,440 dpi resolution. This also has the manual duplex feature that allows printing on both sides.


Some of the essential as well as additional features are that it has a Wifi facility which makes work free of lag. further, we can connect the Epson L3152 printer with our mobile phone application by which we can provide commands, etc thereby saving our time. This printer also supports google cloud prints as well as we can connect it to Windows or Mac operating systems. With help of this, We can obtain 100 impressions in a minute which makes it the best home printer for home use in India.


This has few cons which are no ADF as well as No display.

Brother DCP-T510W

Brother DCP-T510W is An multi-functioning printer. It has a very low cost which makes it a more in-demand printer. W can print A4 to A6 size pages, photos. It provides excellent print quality by having a maximum resolution of 1200-1600 dpi. The print speed is 12 ipm and 6 ipm in a minute for black and color. The printing cost per page is very low up to 20 paise per page.


It also has similar features like home printers which are wifi connectivity by which we can connect our mobile phones as well and do scanning or printing. Moreover, it also has a Linux support system. It also has high print speed. Along with display features which allow looking after work happening, it also has 220 GSM facility along with duty cycle of 500-800 Prints/Month. Further, it supports Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems which makes it the best home printer for home use in India. We also get a 1-year warranty. Further, it also has a user-friendly interface.


Some of the cons are That it has a High print cost along with a low page yield as well as no ADP and ADF.

Things to note before buying Best Printer for Home Use

regarding things to note before buying best printer for home use.
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There are various factors which should be kept in mind while buying printers among which some are


The brand of which we are buying a printer is very important to be known. There are different brands of printers like Dell, HP, Canon, Epson, etc.


HP is the most trusted as well as reliable brand of printers. There are different types of printers which are of low cost as well as high performance. They are less in maintenance.


The Dell is in the printer market for 10 years. Some of the basic features of Dell printers are scanning, printing, photocopy, etc. Along with it we call also to Store and share documents on the network or in the cloud as well as for getting anywhere, anytime access to your files using iPhone, iPad, or Android. These are Brands that provide excellent user service as well which helps in easy maintenance making it the best home printer for home use in India.


Ink tank printers were the first to be introduced by Epson in 2014. Which further solved the problems of color printing. These are cheap and having less maintenance as well. MicroPiezo print head technology which will print out crisp quality images is something Epson is well known for.

The Canon

It is the brand that actually got a good market in the photography area. Printers of the canon are widely used by photographers to print moderate-quality photos, etc.

Printing speed

Printing speed is another criterion that depends mostly while buying printers. The Print speed is the number of pages/photo graphics a printer can handle in one minute (ppm). The print speed for various best home printers shall be above 5 ppm. The speed of the printers must be uniform and at default modes when it comes to the speed of the color printers. Also, The ipm measurement is most preferred for inkjet and ink tank printers whereas the laser printers still use ppm (pages per minute) standard.

Print Resolution

The importance of print resolution comes in aspect while printing color images. The dot per inch is the factor that determines the high resolution of images. The dot per inch is good in high-resolution images whereas in blurred images the dot per inch is low. The ink-tank printers have a good amount of resolution thereby providing clean and perfect images.


A factor of connectivity is also important for obtaining hassle-free working. Different kinds of connectivity are USB Port, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity, cloud connectivity, etc. Various connections are helpful in doing work with ease and from a certain distance.

Cost of Printer

The cost of anything always decides that if the product is worthy or not. Nowadays each and everyone searches for a printer which is less in cost and is more functional. More costly printers having fewer features are of no use. These all-in-one ink tank or single-function laser printers- with no Wi-Fi capabilities will fall between 8k to 10k rupees whereas The All in One plus Wi-Fi will range between 11k and 15k rupees which will have better features such as auto-duplexing capabilities as well as quality yield ink selections. Printers of more than 15k will provide the latest functions and performance like ADF and automatic duplex printing. At this phase, you get to experience higher speeds and proper handling of sheets.

FAQ regarding Best Printer for Home Use

frequently asked questions regarding best printers for home use .
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1. Which are the best brand of printer ?

There are various brands of printers but some of the best one are Espiron, Dell, HP, Canon, etc. These are some very good brands of Printers.

2. Average printing speed for home printers?

The average printing speed for home printers are above 5ipu.

3. What is ADF?

full form of ADF I Automatic Document Feeder. ADF is the feature provided in multifunction as well as or all-in-one printers, fax machines, photocopiers, and scanners, and is a feature that takes several pages and feeds the paper one page at a time into a scanner or copier, allowing the user to scan.

4. Which is good inkjet or ink tak?

Due to low running cost as well as low maintenance along with low cost per page the ink tank is preferred as a good one which makes it the best home printer for home use in India.

5. Feature of multifunction printer?

The features of multifunction printers are scanning, copying as well as Faxing.

Editor’s Note | Best Printer for Home Use

Buying An printer is not that easy as it seems to be. The availability of large and different kinds of printers in the market has made it a very tuff task to buy an appropriate as well as compact printer. There are various factors which should be kept in mind before selection of printers such as multifunction, affordable, feature-full, and cost-effective, etc. along with it there are thing given above in detail as well. Gadgets like printers etc are things which are bought for the long term as they are costly too. so we should go through the best printer for home use so that we can get the best one.


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