It is every person’s dream to always have a steady flow of income in our life. In addition, we also want to have plenty of savings in our account. However, with the increasing costs of all the medical treatments making this dream a reality might be a problem. Paying for a medical illness can be a scary task for all of us. Therefore, buying the best health insurance in India is necessary. In this article, we will talk about the best health insurance plans and also about the best mediclaim policies. Health insurance is coverage that protects us from any medical emergency that appears all of a sudden. It always proves to be of help and lifts off some burden during such difficult times. So, let’s guide you through some of the best health insurance companies and also about the best health insurance policy in India.

Sudden medical illnesses can be a burden on one’s shoulder. It can be tiring and scary for a person. Moreover, we all wish to be stable in our lives when it comes to our financial position. So, having health insurance in hand takes off some pressure during the more difficult times. Therefore, we bring this article on the best health insurance in India in order to help you through your choice.

Why should one buy Health Insurance?

Having health insurance proves to be a backup for your sudden financial need. The need for health insurance in India is due to the rise in the cost of all the medical treatments. When a family goes through some sudden medical illness, it’s always a difficult time. Meanwhile, having health insurance helps to meet these medical bills. Health insurance acts as a cover to pay the expenses during an illness or an accident. Let’s talk about why should one have the best health insurance in India?

  • Health insurance pays for your complete medical expense. For instance, the lab costs, the ambulance cost, overall hospital bill, and much more.
  • The government allows tax deductions on Health insurance premiums.
  • You and your complete family can live at peace and not worry about any unseen future medical emergency.
  • The cost of major treatments like surgeries and transplantations is borne by the insurance company.
  • Health insurance helps you to feel secure about your savings and medical expenses.
  • In addition, it also offers many options to choose from according to your incomes and choices.
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Health Insurance – Your emergency savior

List of Top 5 Best Health Insurance in India

Below, we have listed the best insurance plans in India. We understand, having the best mediclaim policy is very important. We have also benefits of each plan and also given every detail you could ask for. In addition, we have also given the minimum amount needed and also the age. These companies are known to be the best health insurance companies in India. Moreover, we will also talk about why you should choose the particular company. So, before more delay, let’s begin our article about the health insurance policy in India – Top 5 best mediclaim policy in India.

HDFC Ergo – My:Health Koti Suraksha

Koti Suraksha helps you to meet the rising medical costs and also provides premium healthcare. In addition, this health insurance plan offers to insure a sum of 1 crore. The plan also covers major health expenses that include surgeries, big treatments, daycare surgeries, and also hospital costs. This proves to be the best health insurance policy in India. If you buy this plan, you can stay assured about your savings and also about your future medical bills. Hence, it is one of the best mediclaim policies.

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Key Features

  • Koti Suraksha covers your complete medical expenses during the Covid-19 Treatment.
  • It covers all your expenses for 60 days before getting admitted and up to 180 days after getting discharged.
  • Further, due to many new medical treatments, many important surgeries are completed in less than a day, Koti Suraksha covers that also for you.
  • It has a 10,000+ network of hospitals that are cashless.
  • Moreover, it offers a health check-up within 60 days for clients after they renew their insurance, free of cost.
  • In addition, the insurance also pays for your ambulance transport while an emergency.

Why choose HDFC Ergo?

  1. The plan also covers the expenses if you are to be admitted at home, as said by the doctor.
  2. Koti Suraksha also covers expenses for alternative methods of treatments like Ayurveda, Ayush treatment and Siddhi.
  3. This insurance also includes free training videos on fitness, health and mental health, in their app.
  4. The plan also gives you many options for discounts.
  5. It helps to pay the high-rising medical costs.
  6. Further, it offers enough coverage for your whole family, as it offers much more than said.
  7. In conclusion, they offer the best health insurance plan in India at an affordable price for INR 1114/month.

Star Health Insurance – Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy

Star health aims to provide the best quality health care to its customers and help them meet their financial needs during an emergency. They provide a wide range of some of the best health insurance plans to choose from. This particular policy provides complete health protection for you and your family. In addition, they provide this on an individual as well as floater basis. Their key feature is to provide easy and quick claims. Therefore, it is known to be the best mediclaim policy in India.

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Key Features

  • The insurance offers treatments in private and single AC rooms during illness.
  • They also provide disease management programs that promote good health through wellness.
  • The plan covers extra coverage on expenses like air ambulance, medical opinions, etc.
  • Moreover, it covers expenses for the Ayush treatment also.
  • The health insurance plan also provides free-of-cost health check-ups.
  • The plan also offers complete health insurance for personal accidents.

Why choose Star Health?

  1. The plan covers coverage on an OPD basis.
  2. It also reduces the waiting period for some pre-existing diseases.
  3. Also, it has the largest network of hospitals around 10200+ cashless hospitals.
  4. The insurance also offers flexible ways to pay the premium for the ease of the customer.
  5. It provides insurance for 60 days before getting admitted and 90 days after the treatment and discharge.
  6. In addition, it also pays for the complete expenses of the mother and the newly-born child, during delivery.

Max Bupa – Health Companion

Max Bupa offers some of the best health insurance policies in India. In addition, they also provide a wide variety of plans to choose from. They have plans for both individuals and for families. Their mission to never let anyone compromise their health. They also offer many benefits at an affordable price. They ensure that your savings are intact. Moreover, they also see to it that your earnings aren’t eaten up by the heavy bills. Hence, it is one of the best health insurance companies in India.

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Key features

  • The plan provides coverage on all the hospital expenses, cashless, at their network hospitals.
  • The insurance policy offers coverage for 30 days before you get admitted and up to 60 days after discharge.
  • You can get health insurance at any age.
  • The ambulance transport cost up to INR 3000 will also be covered.
  • The plan also covers all the day-care procedures.
  • The insurance plan also pays for the organ transplants.

Why choose Max Bupa?

  1. The insurance covers the complete treatment for Covid-19, with waiting for only 15 days.
  2. They give you a cashless claim within a short period of time of 30 minutes.
  3. The insurance company has a network of 5000 hospitals.
  4. There is no third party involved in processing your health claims.
  5. They give complete cashless OPD payments.
  6. Max Bupa also provides a helpdesk at their every hospital to attend the questions of their customers.

Tata AIG – Medicare

Tata AIG Health Insurance plan offers amazing benefits at a very reasonable price. It also offers great options on the health insurance policies. The policy also offers 100% restoration of your sum for you and your family. In addition, you also get the benefit of tax deduction under section 80D. They also provide cashless claim settlement. The premium is also affordable. The plan also includes all major surgeries and treatments. Further, the insurance policy also offers global cover. Therefore, it is one of the best health insurance companies in India.

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Key Features

  • The plan offers air ambulance emergency up to INR 5 lacs.
  • They also pay the expenses for 540+ daycare treatments for any injury, procedures.
  • The policy also covers 100% of the sum in case of death due to an accident of the person who has the insurance policy.
  • The company also covers also the expenses during the birth of a child up to INR 50,000.
  • The policy also has consumable benefits.
  • The policy covers expenses for 60 days before getting admitted and 90 days after discharge.

Why choose Tata AIG?

  1. They cover the travel expenses of a family member if the insured doesn’t have any family member next to him.
  2. The policy also covers all the Covid-19 treatments.
  3. They have a network of 7200+ hospitals.
  4. The company also offers coverage in organ transplants and surgeries.
  5. They also have an easy port-out facility.
  6. The policy also covers vaccination expenses for the newborn child.

ICICI Prudential – PRU Heart/Cancer Protect

We all know that heart attacks and cancers are among the top reasons for deaths. Losing a loved one to these critical illnesses can be very sad and unfortunate. This insurance policy specifically focuses on these two illnesses. In addition, it provides many benefits and choices. Their main aim is to not let you lose someone due to these illnesses. The plan offers a big coverage amount on a very low premium. It also has a large network of hospitals for cashless claims. Therefore, it is among the best health insurance companies.

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Key Features

  • It provides complete cover for all heart and cancer illnesses.
  • The company pays the whole claim amount upon the first analysis.
  • It also offers many discount options for you and your family.
  • Offers a coverage of INR 20 lacs for a premium of INR 387.
  • In addition, 10% gets increased in the sum if the policy hasn’t been used in the year.
  • It also offers coverage for 34 critical illnesses.
  • They also offers long term coverage for 30 years.

Why choose ICICI Prudential?

  1. They ensure easy, quick, and cashless claims for your comfort.
  2. The policy offers extra cover in case of unfortunate sudden accidents.
  3. All the premiums come under the tax deductions under section 80D.
  4. They also ensure that you get full claim payment in case of a terminal illness.
  5. They have a settlement ratio of 97.8% in claims.

FAQs | Best health insurance in India

What factors must one look for in a health insurance?

For buying the best mediclaim policy, one must look for various factors. For instance, benefits, sum insured, premium, the network hospitals and also the coverage. Keeping these factors in mind while buying a health insurance plan will help you find the best one.

Why is a health insurance important?

Health insurance helps you to cover the expenses that arise due to sudden medical emergencies. In addition, it also helps you to reduce your burden. Paying such big medical bills can be both scary and hectic. So, having a health insurance allows you and your family to live peacefully. Further, it takes away your worry about the future medical emergencies since it has that covered.

What are the benefits of a health insurance?

The few benefits of a health insurance are it helps you to keep your savings intact. In addition, you also get cashless treatments for your illnesses. Further, it also helps you to save tax up to INR 25000 under section 80D. Some policies also offer daily amount for the number of days you are admitted.

Editor’s Note | Best Health Insurance in India

To sum it up, choosing the best health insurance policy in India can be a difficult task. In addition, there are many health insurance companies that offer many policies and all of them are unique. Further, it is very important to choose the best mediclaim policy for the benefit of you and your family. To help you with this, we bring to you this article that talks about the top 5 best mediclaim policies in India. All the companies offer the best benefits, great coverage, and also, less premium. We have also spoken about the key features of all the health insurance plans. All of them are some of the best health insurance policies in India.

Also, we have given you the best health insurance companies that offer maximum benefits. In addition, they are known for their cashless claims and easy settlements. We hope that we have helped you with your choice of health insurance policy in India.

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