The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) (Official Website), is the largest body that conducts exam for recruiting and training future civil servants. And with over more than five lacs registrations every year. A UPSC aspirant must prepare well to clear the exam. To help all those aspirants to prepare, here is a list of best Online Coaching for UPSC and it’s exams like IAS all around India. We are looking for online classes for UPSC because there are no ongoing physical classes due to the pandemic. And the pandemic shouldn’t be the reason for you not being able to give your best in your exams. To help you out with all of this, below are listed how, where, and which coaching institute will be the best fit for you. (Read More about UPSC)

Why do you need Online IAS Coaching?

In the year 2020, almost 10lac of students registered for themselves for the preliminary exams (Read more about prelims). Out of which 5-6lac of students sat in the preliminary examination. The numbers show how competitive are UPSC exams. Thus, you need to be well prepared to face the crowd, if you are sure about pursuing a civil servant as a career.

Other than this, the number of students who make it to the final list is approximately one thousand. And the students selected are diminishingly small as compared to the number appeared. This is why aspirants need coaching. In classes, they are not only taught how to appear in the written examination. But are also taught how to present themselves in the further rounds. By giving them workshops on interviews and also having many mock interviews.

All in all, it helps a student to get an overall idea about the examination and helps them to reach the top. This is because of professionals being involved, who have experience of years in their chosen fields.

Thus, if you are determined to become a civil servant, you should go for coaching. And in these times the only option you have is Online Classes for UPSC.

Parameters for selecting an Online IAS Coaching

There has been a growth in the number of people aspiring to clear UPSC exams. And with increasing demand, there is a crowd of coaching institutes available in the market. But you must select a coaching institute, not just by its face value. You must keep a few parameters in mind to find the most suitable Online IAS Coaching for yourself. A list of them is given below.


Get the best faculty members for UPSC online classes

Faculty is the most important parameter while looking for the best online coaching for IAS. Because they are the one who are going to teach you, how to attempt questions? Figure out patterns of questions. In short they are going to be the foundation on which you will lay your aspiration of qualifying for an UPSC exam. Since, now there are only online classes for UPSC, you also have to check how much effective there teaching is through a screen.

Other than this, in the best online coaching for UPSC, you will find faculty members with a lot of experience. And try to take admission in those institutes only. Because the more experienced the professional is, the more knowledge he has of the field. And can thus, is very well aware of the pattern of the paper.

Fee Structure

Affordability, is the one factor that you will always have to consider. Many Online Coaching for UPSC charge a huge amount, and are not able to deliver results. So, when you are deciding on the best online coaching for yourself, do not assume the most expensive ones to be the best ones.

Students from all background attempt and clear civil servants exam, without going to the most expensive classes. So, choose the one that fits into your pockets and you will be good to go.

Study Material

Go through the study material for selecting best coaching for IAS

‘Practice makes a man perfect.’ Well, the study material that the institute provides is going to give you a practice of questions. So, make sure they give you ample study material to practice, to help you get a hold of the various topics. But, also check have kept it updated, according to the revised syllabus of UPSC.

Besides this, study material also includes the mock tests of the institution. Keep an eye on how many topic-wise tests, sectional tests, full-length tests will they provide you with. And also check how effectively have they been able to analyze those mock tests to the real exam pattern.

Past Result

Check past results before choosing coaching for UPSC

Alumni results are one of the most effective ways to narrow down and get the most suitable coaching institute for yourself. Past results show you the true picture of the institute. It helps you understand how objectively effective was it’s study material and faculty.

If the conversion rate of students who have qualified for the exams is decent enough. The coaching institute is not just a part of the crowd, but necessarily stands out. And has a reputation for getting results.

Batch Size

Batch Size is the ratio of teachers to students. The more the number of students in a batch the more is the ratio. And chances of personal attention during the class performance and doubt sessions may not be very high. Since things are running online, each and every student is getting an equal amount of attention. And doubt solving sessions are arranged according to specific needs. So, the batch size is not a problem for now.

What if things return back to normal (Physical Classes)?

Since there is only Online IAS Coaching going on for now, it’s the only way you can prepare. And you can attend classes of coaching institutes from all around the country, just by sitting at home. But while taking admission in any institute, ask them the question of What if things return back to normal? Will they still have an online batch where you can access it from any part of the world? Or will they shift back to only physical classes, and you will have to travel to the city. Followed by will the fee remain same or will have changes?

Though, all these questions seem to be a little far-fetched. But choosing the right institute is a major decision for your future. And you don’t want to be burdened with unwanted and unnecessary barrier of worrying to shift into another city while crucial time of your preparation.

Best 5 Online IAS Coaching

Best Live Online Coaching for UPSC

Rau’s IAS Study Circle

Rau’s IAS Study Circle was established in 1953, and since then have been one of the best coaching institutes for IAS preparation. They have a research team with scholars who revise, and make their study material more effective for IAS. And other than this provide Online IAS Coaching with rigrous classes and assistance for all the three rounds of the exam.

Their fee varies according to the exam you have chosen to give. And is nearly around 1lac 50thousand for an integrated program. Their best part is, they have a batch size of only 90 students. Which helps the faculty to pay attention to everyone in the class. And helps them have one of the best conversion rates.

For more information
New Delhi 011 – 23317293, 23318135/36, 23738906/07


Vision IAS provides a very simple, practical, and focused approach for their aspirants, which has started Online IAS Coaching. Where they help them out with their basics in the most effective way. And their faculty helps the aspirant to answer a question in the most objective way possible. The best part about this online UPSC coaching is its test series. Their test series are deemed to be one of the most accurate test series in comparison to the real IAS Exam.

Other than this, their fee for online coaching for UPSC is around 1Lac 25thousand for the foundation program. But a thing to consider here is, if you are planning to join physical classes as and when things reopen, you might have to pay a little more for the same.

Contact Details:
2nd floor, Apsara Arcade,
Near Gate-7 Karol Bagh Metro Station,
1/8 b, Pusa Road, Karol Bagh, Delhi – 110005
 +91 8468022022, +91 9019066066

Vajiram & Ravi: Institute for IAS Examination

Vajiram and Ravi was founded way back in the year 1976 by Professor P. Velayutham. And through the years has gained a lot of attention due to its conversion rates. And has over 5000 registrations a year. This happens all because of the faculty members here, who are one of the best in their respective fields with years of experience.

Though, you may have to consider their batch size, which is around 350. If you think you can learn in the most effective way with 350 students, you are a perfect fit for the online classes of UPSC offered by them. Their average fee for the UPSC program is around 1lac 60thousand for a time period of 9 months.

Vajiram & Ravi, 9-B, Bada Bazaar Marg, Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi Close to Karol Bagh metro station

(011) 41007400, (011) 41007500; Email:

Shankar IAS Academy

Shankar IAS Academy is a relatively new coaching institute, who has made it to the top list. And has started conducting online classes for UPSC. It was established back in 2004 and has provided India with more than 1000 civil servants. It is best known for its faculty members, who have played a major role in creating the institute’s name. And it has been chosen the preferred Civil Services coaching partner by the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment (Government of India) and Kapu Corporation (Government of Andhra Pradesh).

It has a decent batch size of 100. And the fee of about 1lac 60thousand. With one of the best current affair material.

Contact Details
Door No 18, Old Plot No 109, New
Plot No 259, AL Block, 4th
Avenue, Shanthi Colony,
Anna Nagar, Chennai ‐ 600040.
Phone: 044-4857 4957
Mobile: 76677 66266

BYJU’S Online IAS Coaching

Byju’s Online IAS Coaching plan is one of the newest in the coaching institutes. But it has been able to provide aspirants with experienced faculty members. Other than this, it is also an online platform, hence they have experiene of teaching online as well.

The USP on which Byju’s sell their coaching is on how they provide pre-recorded as well as live lectures. So, even if you miss out on classes you won’t lag. And they are quite affordable than any of the above. So, if you live in a remote area, do not have a decent internet connection. You can download lectures and watch them at your convenience.

What makes them completely different from other UPSC online coaching, is they have online class lectures for only Hindi as well as only English. So you won’t have to worry about a language barrier.

BYJU’S IAS Academy, B – 1/8, Lower Ground Floor, Apsara Arcade, Karol Bagh, Delhi – 110 005
9873643487 (for English)
9205881869 (for Hindi)

FAQs: Online IAS Coaching

Do all IAS Coaching institute provide classes for all three stages of the examination?

Any UPSC Coaching Institute, that you find teaches and holds workshops for all three rounds. Starting from the preliminary exam, mains, and at the end for personal sessions. Albeit, the fee for each of the phases is different. And institutes also have an integrated program that includes all three phases. So, don’t worry about having to find coaching again and again.

Shall I prefer a coaching institute near my home for online classes also?

The best part about online classes for UPSC is you can attend them from sitting around anywhere in the world. And hence, you should take this opportunity to be a part of the best online coaching in the country. And will not have to take admission in a less experienced institute, with having to pay almost a similar amount or maybe more.

Can I clear UPSC Exam just by home preparation?

Well, you can do anything and everything on your own if you have the passion to do so. And you can read UPSC home preparation here. But it is preferred to join an institute. Because it can guide you in the right direction. And will help you analyze each and everything that you learn, with their professional knowledge. And if you are worried about managing time. Well, it is all sorted because you will be able to join the best online coaching for UPSC just by being at home.

Editor’s Note | Online IAS Coaching

The way an individual learns a new concept is very subjective in nature. Some can read a topic once and can remember it for a lifetime, and some have to revise every now and then. This is why we have not ranked academies. It just gives you a basic idea of how these institutions function. So that you can do the research work, enquire and have a chat with all of them. Giving you the option of exploring and having your own ranking system. While you get to have your own judgments.

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