Common Admission Test (CAT) (Official Website) is a computer-based entrance exam for students wanting to pursue a career in management. And since, there is a rise in the number of aspirants, the competitiveness of this exam has just kept on rising. Leading the students to go for CAT preparation classes online. Since there are no physical classes going on. These CAT online courses help you in all the little skills that play a very important role on the day of the exam. Before knowing the best online coaching for CAT, let’s take an overview of the exam. Which will help you in selecting the most suitable institute for your preparation.

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Overview of CAT Exam

The CAT exam consists of three sections, namely Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC), Quantitative Section (Quant), and Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR). What makes this exam more difficult is the sectional cutoff. That means you have to clear the cutoff of each section individually as well as total cutoff to be eligible for various colleges.

Overview of what the CAT exam looks like to help you understand the exam better.

Hence, you must select a CAT preparation online classes, which gives equal importance to all three sections of the exam. And since it’s a management exam it test’s your time management skills during the paper. The CAT exam of 2020, was of a total duration of 2hrs, with forty minutes for each section and you can’t switch sections within those forty minutes. Although, the exam of 2019 was of three hours and a different pattern. So, the best CAT Online Coaching is the one that must prepare you for anything unexpected during the exam. And this is why you should research before selecting CAT online courses.

Exams like CAT

People have a misconception that there is only one exam, CAT that will get you into a good management institute. But, the truth is some of the best colleges for management have there on entrance exams. Colleges like Symbiosis, Narsee Monjee College, Xavier’s group of Colleges, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Tata Institutes conduct individual exams for admissions. These exams are SNAP, NMAT, XAT, IIFT, TISSNET. Some of these exams also offer you the option of best of 2 or best of 3. Giving you the opportunity to get admission with a number of chances

CAT Online Coaching that you choose must prepare you for all these exams. Though the syllabus is almost the same, question types are different. So, the best online coaching for CAT will not only prepare you for this one big exam but also all the other exams. So that your chances of admission in top B-schools are increased.

Admission process of Top B-Schools

Learn how to get admission in top B-schools and how CAT preparation online can help you with it.

Once the written exams are CAT, SNAP, XAT, TISSNET, etc, you just don’t get an admission. But there is a rigorous process of screening through the shortlisted candidates of written exam. Management Schools have a more 2-step process. Students have to sit through Group Discussion Sessions (GD) or Personal Interviews (PIs). Gradually the trend of GD rounds is decreasing and PIs are increasing. Also, some of the schools have an essay writing round too. Where they may ask you to write a Statement of Purpose (SoP) or a topic is given on the spot.

How to select CAT Online Coaching

Know the best process of selecting CAT Online courses for you

Now, that you have an idea about what all happens in a CAT exam. And how you should not only prepare for CAT but for also other examinations for management. There are a few things you must keep in mind while selecting the best online coaching for CAT. Meaning there are a few parameters that make these institutions the best for CAT preparation online.

Faculty for CAT Online Coaching

Faculty is one of the factors that remain common while thinking of preparing for any competitive exams. They play an important role because they are the ones who are going to teach you how to handle questions. They’ll teach you concepts and further help you in decoding a question to the foundation level of the particular subject. Thus, the more the experience, the more idea of the pattern of exam and hence, can teach you how to be prepared for the unexpected.

Study Material

The study material of a coaching institute helps you to build up a practice of different types of questions. With the level of difficulty increasing after a few questions. It helps you to understand what types of questions you will face on the day of your exam. And helps you not to click the panic button in your head, because you have already seen and attempted the same type of questions.

Mock Exams

The major goal of an MBA entrance exam is to test your time management skills in pressure situations. It tests how smartly you select a question. The comparatively easier question that you select will help you to do more questions and score accordingly. Mock Exams start playing a very important role because it helps you get a practice of what the exam will exactly be like. So that you can work on your time management skills. So make sure you select CAT online courses that give you ample mock tests for the main exam.

TIP: You can buy test series of various best online coaching for CAT, once the syllabus is over. To practice more and more.

Percentile Predictor

When you do a lot of hardwork. Put all you focus in one thing, it’s the result that gives you a reality check of the situation. It tell you how much you have to work harder and in which all fields. This is what the percentile predictor does for you for a competitive exam like CAT. After the mock tests that you give, this percentile predictor gives you the analysis of how much percentile could you have scored in the real exam. It does this with the help of their database of aspirants who have given exam from all over the country.

Thus, you need to check how accurate the CAT preparation online coaching percentile predictor is. So that you don’t get either over confident with your scores or demoralized. Its purpose is to give you enough confidence to work harder on certain topics to achieve your goal.

Fee Structure

Paying too much of money won’t guarantee you an admission in IIMs, or for that matter any top B-school. You have to study hard and smartly to get into any of the schools. So, go for an institution with average fee of around 60-70k for one year of preparation. And you can get heavy amount of scholarships on these too, if you give the scholarship exam that some of the institutions conduct.

5 Best CAT Online Coaching

Five best CAT Online Coaching to help you out with your preparation

Career Launcher

Career Launcher is currently one of the best online coaching you can find for CAT preparation. It has one of the most experienced faculty members. Who are comfortable with using gadgets for teaching purposes. Which makes their online courses such as CAT more effective. Though you may find their batch sizes maybe a little more than other institutions. They also have a decent percentile predictor with mock tests.

But you may find this institution to be a little bit more expensive than the others. There CAT preparation for one costs around 70 thousand rupees. But the best part is that even if things return back to normal, and you wish to study in physical classes. You can select an institution from all around India, with a nominal amount of transfer fee.


The T.I.M.E education center is known for its MBA preparation. And their previous results are phenomenal. With their CAT online classes, they were able to get five spots out of the 7 who scored 100 percentile. With experienced faculty members, their AIMCATs. Full-length mock exam after the syllabus for CAT online course is finished, is of great help. They have one of the best test series if you seriously aim to clear CAT examination. Following which their percentile predictor helps you get the most accurate score to the real exam.

Other than this they also prepare you for the further rounds of the various exams. Their fee is comparatively affordable with around 50 thousand rupees for one year of CAT preparation with online classes.


2 IIM CAT online coaching provides you with three different courses for CAT preparation online. Their USP to be one of the best is that it provides you with four mentor lectures. Who are actually 100 percentilers from CAT. And help you broaden your perspective about the exams. Other than this they have an experienced set of professionals to guide you with some pre-recorded CAT sessions. Their fee ranges from about 30-40 thousand rupees, according to the kind of CAT online course that you select.

Though you may have to go for an additional test series for more practice sets if you feel 8 practice tests are not enough for you to get the hand of what this exam will be like. And in which direction you would like to proceed.

Handa Ka Fanda

If you have a habit of being able to learn only through live classes, this institute may not be the best suitable coaching for you. But if you are fine, this institute offers you two kinds of preparation. One being just for CAT which costs about 10,000 rupees with pre-recorded classes on topic and weekly one to one doubt sessions. And the other CAT online course that it offers is a complete package of MBA Coaching, with the class pattern being the same. But also make you prepare for the entrance exams like XAT, SNAP, NMAT, etc. This package would cost you around 15,000 rupees.

IMS CAT Online Coaching

IMS is also one of the finest coaching available in the town. They will not only offer you live classes for your CAT-21 preparation. But have small CAT online courses for every step of your preparation, if you want to self-study, or want to only prepare for the second round. Their courses will target your weak spots and help you work on them.

For complete preparation, they will charge you about 32,000 rupees and for various other CAT Online classes, your fee may vary from 6000 rupees to complete preparation.

FAQs: CAT Online Coaching

Is it necessary to prepare for other MBA Exams as well?

I feel it necessary to prepare for other MBA exams as well. This is because IIMs may be the best MBA college in India. But other colleges are also well known for their MBA programs. And if you aren’t able to clear the cutoffs for CAT, you still have other back up options to fall on. Also, the syllabus is almost the same. So what is the harm of giving these papers, it only helps you get more options, from which you can choose.

Should we prefer weekday or weekend batches?

Batch days and timings totally depend on you. Weekday and weekend batches do not make such a difference. If you are free on a daily basis and can give time for self-study during the day, you can go for weekday batches of CAT Online classes. And, if you are working and you just have enough time for self-study, you should definitely prefer a weekend batch.

How much time is ideal for preparation of CAT exam?

There are people who do CAT preparation for two years also, and for one year too. It is totally upon you. But ideally, a year is enough for CAT prep if you are willing to go all above and beyond for it. You just have to focus and be determined for the goal you wish to achieve and a period of 10-12 months will be enough for you.

Editor’s Note | CAT Online Coaching

The Common Admission Test is an aptitude test. Though home preparation can easily be done for this exam, all you have to practice questions. But a coaching institute will always help you in solving a question smartly and quickly. All of this helping you in attempting more and more questions. So, in my opinion, you must join a coaching institute. Other than this also enquire and have a chat with the center managers of these institutions. To get the exact idea of these centers to choose the best one for you.


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