We all want to achieve goals in our life and for that, we make sure that we are doing the best and choosing the best. However, sometimes we don’t know how to do it when everyone is claiming their best position. But worry not because we have got you and to give your dreams the wings that you need. We present to you the Top and Best 5 CAT Coaching centres or classes in Mumbai. Moreover, trust us when we say that these institutes will not let you down and will properly guide you.

Why Do You Need Proper Guidance?

The discussion is never-ending on the topic that if you should join a coaching or not. Wondering why? because some students can do wonders just by studying at home. On the other hand, some students can’t do anything even after joining the coaching. So, the decision is totally up to you whether or not you want to join the coaching or not. However, it is always suggested that you must always join coaching as they are professionals in this field and they will give you a better insight. Moreover, they will guide you in a better way and also makes sure that you are learning important things from the syllabus.

Further, they will also give you tips and tricks about attempting the exam. So, it is needless to say that many students pass with flying colors and even score 100%. So, trust us when we say that these CAT Coachings will not let you down.

1. T.I.M.E for CAT Coaching in Mumbai

On number 1 we have T.I.M.E for CAT Coaching in Mumbai

The T.I.M.E is a very prestigious institute and is also known for many years. Wondering why? because every year most of their students are scoring 95 – 100% which I think is super amazing. And this is surely a sign that they will help you to achieve your dreams in the long run. Further, they have institutes all over India. So, you can go to the one near your residence and get your registration done.

Teaching Pattern

Their teaching pattern is divided into 3 parts where they focus on every part of your learning. Further, they make sure that you are getting each and everything. Also, separate doubt sessions take place to make you understand everything.


The specialty is that every student who registers with them passes with flying colors. Also, despite having a large number of students they make sure that they are paying attention to everybody.


The faculty is without any doubt very professional and friendly to make the students comfortable. Moreover, some of the faculty has 20 years of experience.

Results of this CAT Coaching

The results are super amazing which is why it is on top. For so many years they have given the students 100% results. So, go for it if you are planning to give this exam.

Location and Other Outlets

T.I.M.E institute is all over India and of course in Mumbai as well. Moreover, for more details you can check their official website and get the registration done. The address of the T.I.M.E institute in Mumbai is Sunshine Plaza, 503, 5th Floor, Naigaon Cross Rd, Dadar East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400014. For more details go to their Official website.

2. IMS CAT Coaching Centres or Classes in Mumbai

On number 2 we have the none other than IMS for CAT Coaching in Mumbai.

IMS is a very well-known coaching center and has made it on 2nd position on our list. Further, they have a very consistent result pattern and friendly environment as well to make sure that students are comfortable enough to ask his/her doubts. Also, they provide online classes as well.

Teaching Pattern

The teaching pattern is very simple and clear so that there is no confusion among the management. Moreover, they provide videos of their sessions as well. On the other hand, mock tests take place from time to time. So, they are updated about student’s learning skills.


The specialty is that they provide a home away from home. Also, they solve the student’s doubts outside the classroom as well. Moreover, if you are taking online classes then the study material is dispatched immediately.

Faculty of This CAT Coaching in Mumbai

The faculty of this institute is fully experienced with over 10 years of experience. So, that means that you are getting nothing but the best.


So far they have given 4-5 students with 100% percentage. On the other hand, every year many students score above 90%.

Location and Other Outlets

The address of the CAT Coaching classes in Mumbai is 101, Laxmi Palace, Above Sony Mony, Beside Moksh Plaza, S.V. Road, Borivali West – 400092. But they have 13 more centers all over Mumbai which you can checkout. For more details check out their official website.

3. CATKing CAT Coaching in Mumbai

On number 3 we have CATKING for CAT Coaching in Mumbai.

This institute was established not so long back. However, still it managed to earn so much name and fame. If you don’t already know then let us tell you that this institute was first established in 2008. Further, they have professional and expert faculty who will help you throughout your journey.

Teaching Pattern

The teaching pattern is quite simple and sorted as they have always wanted to make their institute a one-step solution for education.


Their specialty is that they focus on quality, efficiency & time management. Because time is money. Further, good CAT Coaching Centres in Mumbai will always have these qualities.


The faculty is expert in their respective field and they make sure that no one is left behind. Further, they focus more on those students that are weak. So, everyone can pass with flying colors.

Results of this CAT Coaching in Mumbai

The results are consistent and many of their students have scored above 95%. So, it is quite obvious that you will surely achieve your goal.

Location and Other Outlets

They do have many branches all over Mumbai. However, the vile parle address is No. 3, Ground Floor, Shree Natraj, N S Rd Number 2, Swastik Society, Vile Parle West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400056. Further, you can also check their Official Website.

4. Career Launcher CAT Coaching in Mumbai

Career launcher is quite popular for its consistent result. Therefore it made its place in the list of CAT Coaching in Mumbai

Everyone has heard of Career Launcher and it is not hidden from anyone that they have provided quite talented students. Moreover, as their name suggests they will surely launch your career and will make sure that you pass with flying colors. Further, they have quite professional and expert faculty which will help you to achieve your goal. So, give them a try if you want to do wonders in your field and want to achieve your dreams in the long run.

Teaching Pattern

The teaching pattern is to the point and doesn’t include anything less important. Further, they do provide their study material so that the syllabus is narrowed down to an extent. Moreover, weekly tests take place to see the learning of the students. And there is more focus on weak students so that they can understand everything and doesn’t have any query in the future.


Their specialty is that they design every program separately with time. So, the student can get the maximum benefit out of it. Also, no one is left behind and the faculty makes sure of it.


The faculty is very talented and of course expert as well. And help students to achieve the maximum percentage for exams.


The results are very promising from so many years because they have been quite consistent. And many of their students scored above 95%.

Location and Other Outlets

First of all, they have many CAT Coaching classes and centres in Mumbai. Moreover, you can check about them on their Official Website. You can also visit their main office and their address is Office No. 201, Second Floor, 22 Business Point, S V Road, Andheri West. Further, if you want to know more about how to choose an institute for CAT preparation. Then click here to read more about it.

5. Byjus CAT Coaching in Mumbai

This also includes BYJUS because it is very well known for its multiple branches as well as study material.

Byjus is very popular these days due to their teaching pattern. And this is not it because they also provide online classes which is much more easier and convenient. Moreover, every lecture is recorded so you can always go back and view it over and over again.

Teaching Pattern

Their teaching pattern is full of energy and enthusiasm. Because they focus on being actively involved with their students. Wondering why? because they want to make sure that students are comfortable enough to ask every doubt.


Their specialty is that they provide online classes which saves so much money as students don’t have to travel from one place to another. But it is undeniable that in this race where everyone wants to come first. Unmeasurable pressure can trigger anxiety. Click here, to know more about how you can overcome it.


The faculty is very polite and extremely talented. So, what else do you need throughout your journey?

Results CAT Coaching in Mumbai

The results are quite impressive and very consistent. Moreover, overall these years they have provided many toppers and all-rounders. Also, they have given many 100% scoring students which is amazing.

Location and Other Outlets

Byju’s is all over India so that you can study at your comfort level. From Mumbai to Kolkata they have covered many cities. Further, check out their official website for more details.

FAQ’s Regarding CAT Coaching in Mumbai

1. How does CAT Coaching helps?

The CAT coaching are quite expert in this and also know what can come in the next question paper. However, they always prepare you fully to attempt even the hardest questions.

2. How should one choose the best CAT centre?

Well, to be precise you must always compare the results as well as talk to the ex-students. Moreover, you can also compare the fee structure if you want.

3. Is it compulsory to join a coaching to pass the exam?

No, it is not compulsory to join the coaching you can also study at home. However, the experts will correctly guide you so that you can attempt the paper nicely.

Editor’s Note | CAT Coaching in Mumbai

We all want to fly high in our life and make sure that we are getting the best guidance. So, for that purpose, we present to you our best top 5 CAT Coaching in Mumbai. So, that you can get nothing but the best for your future. Moreover, we bet that these institutes will help you in every possible way to make you succeed. But keep one thing in mind that apart from studying from these coachings you also need to do self-study. Because self-study is very important and to pass with flying colors you must know everything thoroughly. Further, you can also attend online classes to save time for traveling. These baby steps will do everything for you.

On the other hand, these coachings are known for their expertise so you are going to be in good hands. However, we have to admit that some of them can be expensive but they have money-back policies too. And we think that you should do this investment for your bright future to fly high and achieve your goals.

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