The UPSC exam is one of the country’s toughest exams. So, coaching centres take up the role of a guiding hand to aid those who need help preparing for the same. Further, teachers in these coaching institutes have years of experience who will be able to teach according to the student’s needs. So, it has now become important to choose the best centre for IAS studies. Further, in Chennai, there are many top IAS Academies. But, the big question is how to choose the Best UPSC Coaching in Chennai. We will provide you with a list of the Top IAS Coaching Centres in Chennai so you can choose what suits you.

Pros of a Coaching Centre

  1. A well-balanced arrangement with books and also syllabus tailored for the specific exam
  2. A hungry competitive mindset will also be boosted
  3. Moreover, growth of confidence via group discussions
  4. Also, coaching guides and orients the students in the right direction and makes sure that they do not get misled.
  5. An individual learning experience with an expert will also enrich the student’s critical thinking ability.
  6. Furthermore, personalization of studies
  7. Likewise, technology-aided learning
  8. Similarly, you will get smart study tips
  9. Online portals to impart education so students do not lag behind even if they miss classes or are unable to join the classroom program at cheaper rates.
  10. Development of the ability to manage time and also studies

Cons of a coaching centre

  1. However, an additional cost of education will come into the scne
  2. Furthermore, not all teachers of the particular institute will use the best teaching methods.

Despite the shortcomings which are a few, coaching institutes play a very crucial role in determining a candidate’s future to a great extent and these cons can be overcome with hard work and dedication.

1. Officers IAS Academy – Top UPSC coaching in Chennai

 Best IAS Coaching in Chennai - Officers IAS
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Officers IAS Academy is determined to help students reach LBSNAA. Having said this, it is clearly their motto to ‘create better civil servants’. Also, founded by former Civil servants, this academy is all about shaping student’s career in the civil services to work for the country. This academy also ensures that candidates develop the confidence to crack the written and the interview round as well. Officers IAS Academy is one of the best IAS Academy in Chennai because their team believes in simple methods of learning over a heavily planned schedule for IAS studies.

Why should you join Officers IAS Academy in Chennai?

  1. Only IAS coaching centre in Chennai to be started by like-minded former Civil servants.
  2. Also, precision Delivery – Well-curated study material for simplified learning
  3. Rigorous testing to ensure that students are able to test themselves and also analyze their progress
  4. Mentoring Program Hansei’ (Japanese for Mirror) is a unique mentoring program of Officers IAS Academy to further help with the heavy load of studies
  5. Also, faculty with years of test series creation experience making it one of the best IAS Coaching in Chennai.

Details of Officers IAS Academy in Chennai

Course Total fees
Full Course  ₹ 1,60,000
PCM + Optional ₹ 1,48,000
PCM + CSAT  ₹ 1,38,000
Only Optional (5 months) ₹ 30,000
CSAT’  ₹ 20,000

For further details on courses, scholarships, etc., you can visit their website.

2. Shankar IAS Academy

Best IAS Coaching in Chennai - Shankar IAS Academy
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Founded by Mr. Shankar in 2004, this IAS Academy is one of the top IAS coaching centre in Chennai. It can provide distinct IAS coaching with quality study material and also mocks tests for Prelims, Mains, and the Interview. Besides, the faculty here with years of experience are highly qualified, friendly, and motivated. Hence, many IAS aspirants go for this academy as one can get a holistic preparation here. Lastly, this IAS academy ranks under the best IAS Coaching Centre in Bangalore.

Why should you join Shankar IAS Coaching centre in Chennai?

  • Experienced faculty and also best quality material to guide you with all the stages of the exam.
  • More than 1000 selections in the IAS, IPS, and other elite services.
  • Besides, interaction with serving IAS, IPS, IFS officers for better insight into the services
  • Also, quality Test series by an expert team for ‐ Prelims (25 offline, 30 online), Mains (10 offline) with UPSC like evaluation parameters.
  • Free Interview Guidance – Extensive coaching for personality assessment tests and mock interviews by expert panelists also.
  • Online Classes – This course above all offers two-way live interaction.
  • Home Away From Home -Particularly, there are over 40 hostels to choose from which is an added benefit for outstation students.

Details of Shankar IAS in Chennai

Address1707, Service Road, Vijayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560040
Contact Number072593 23266
 IAS Course Fee  Rs 2,10,000/-
No. of students/batch25 – 30

For further details, you can also visit their website.

3. Kamaraj IAS Academy

Best IAS Coaching Academy in Chennai - Kamaraj IAS
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Kamaraj IAS Academy is one of a kind – IAS Coaching Centre in Chennai. Also, it stands tall in its 14 successful years of being the Best UPSC Coaching in Chennai. Further, they are inspired to make the dreams of lakhs of students a reality. With this purpose in mind, Kamaraj IAS Academy keeps its standards high by bagging the title of one of the best IAS Coaching Centre in Chennai.

The teachers here have adopted a holistic approach to teaching and strive to help every student with their doubts and queries, thus paving the way to become a successful IAS officer. Further,with 300+ successful students, 10+ UPSC courses, 20+ dedicated faculties, this coaching centre can be a one-stop solution to your confusion as it is one of the Best IAS Coaching in Chennai.

Why should you join Kamaraj IAS – Best UPSC coaching in Chennai?

  1. Consistency in results since 14+ years
  2. Personal attention with one on one interaction in classes and also post-class
  3. Faculty with more than 10+ years of experience
  4. Special focus on current affairs i.e. dynamic portion to develop critical thinking
  5. Further, quality study materials to save student’s time in looking for the same online, market, etc.
  6. Finally, online test series with detailed explanation post the test to enhance performance.

Details of Kamaraj IAS Academy in Chennai

Prelims36,000 Rs.36,000
Mains 44,000 Rs.44,000
Prelims + Mains80,000 Rs.78,000
Political Science + IR29,500 Rs.29,500
Optionals 24,000 Rs.24,000
CSAT 11,000 Rs.11,000

Further, you can visit other details on their website. You can also read about our article on how to prepare for the UPSC exam.

4. Chahal Academy

Chahal Academy - Best UPSC institute
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Founded by Sumesh Chahal, Chahal Academy is one of the leading UPSC/IAS coaching centres in Kolkata. Also, with highly experienced faculty and motivation towards each and every candidate’s success, you will find a holistic preparation here. Further, this institute is also famous for its affordable online classes – the aim is to fulfill the dreams of as many students as possible. Lastly, this IAS academy ranks under the Best IAS Coaching in Chennai.

Why should you join Chahal Academy in Chennai?

  1. Most Updated Course Material – With multiple sources of study material available, Chahal Academy will provide you best-curated study material and also class notes to ease your preparation.
  2. Furthermore, the daily quiz will help you brush up on your current affairs daily and avoid backlogs. Moreover, this is a free initiative and you will find it on the website.
  3. Also, there are online mock tests to help you test yourself at every step for all the stages of the exam. Experience the actual exam before actually sitting for it.
  4. Further, friendly and helpful faculty to help you at every step of your preparation. For instance, experienced Faculty to guide you with even the tiniest doubts regarding any subject or the exam itself.
  5. Also, limited Batch Size to avoid overcrowding.

Details of Chahal Academy in Chennai

Batch DurationFEE (without installments)FEE (if paid in installments)Inclusions
One Year BatchRs.75,000/-Rs.90,000/-GS Main Paper-I, II, III, IV+
Essay + GS Prelims + CSAT +
Prelims Test Series +
Study Material (hard copy) +
Current Affairs Magazine
Two Year BatchRs.1,00,000/-Rs.1,20,000/-
Three Years BatchRs.1,25,000/-Rs.1,45,000/-
Also, Unlimited BatchRs.1,50,000/-Rs.1,75,000/-

Note: Above fee is for offline course and does not include coaching for optional subject and also online courses. Also, the fee for UPSC/IAS online course is Rs.25000/- only. For further details, you can visit their website.

5. Byju’s – Best UPSC Coaching in Chennai

Best UPSC institute - BYJU's
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BYJU’s is one of the country’s leading UPSC coaching centre in Chennai. It has gained importance due to its extensive research methods and standard study material. It has today gained ample importance as an educational institute due to its promise delivery of success of many civil servants making it to the list of top 5 IAS Coaching in Chennai.

Why should you join BYJU’s – Best UPSC coaching centre in Chennai?

  1. BYJU’S Online, as well as tablet program to help you to attend classes from anywhere in the world – Tablets preloaded with lectures, are available
  2. Highly qualified teachers will guide you through one-on-one mentoring and also class lectures
  3. Comprehensive syllabus coverage with lectures crossing 500+ hours in particular
  4. Also, there are multiple batches to choose from
  5. A personalized plan for every student especially to boost the success
  6. Prelims and Mains test series in both English and Hindi Medium
  7. Similarly, interview preparation is a must
  8. Finally, current affair analysis for Live 2-hour webinars every Tuesday and Thursday

Details of BYJU’s IAS Coaching Academy in Chennai

Batch Timing BYJU’S IAS Coaching Centre in Chennai runs only the Weekends
Saturday – 2 PM to 7 PM
Sunday – 10 AM to 6 PM
Batch Size86 (current)
FeeRs 105000/- (10″ Tablet )
Rs 97500/- (7″ Tablet)
1, Kasturba Nagar 3rd Cross St, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600020

For further details, you can also visit their website. Moreover, read about the IAS preparation strategy for Prelims to boost your studies.

FAQs regarding Best IAS Coaching in Chennai

1. How can I choose the Best UPSC Coaching in Chennai?

To pick the best UPSC coaching in Chennai, you must consider the following criteria:
1. Experience of faculty members
2. Also, quality of teaching and study material,
3. Further, course fees – If it burns a hole in your pocket, choose one which provides scholarship benefits or other offers going on. So, talk to the staff personally.
4. Also, the distance from the place of stay to that of the coaching institute.
But for online classes, the prior three are most important.

2. Should I move to Delhi or are there good IAS coaching centres in Chennai?

You do not have to move anywhere as there are best of the best UPSC coaching centres in Chennai. Further, from Officers IAS Academy to Chahal Academy to BYJU’s, Chennai has it all. With good staff and experienced faculty and also the best study material, there is no need to change your city. Further, save yourself additional costs of travel, living on top of the course fees. Finally, Chennai has a lot to offer when it comes to UPSC.

3. What is the minimum fees for IAS in the best coaching centres in Chennai?

Offline courses can range between 80,000 rupees to as high as 2 lakh rupees. However, these are the fees for the entire course. Also, there are online courses that will provide equal quality of teaching, study material. In today’s digital era, learning is easier than ever. Also, there are specific courses for Prelims /Mains/Interview only.

Editor’s Note | Best IAS Coaching in Chennai

Beating the competition for the IAS can be an extremely tiring task when done alone. So, coaching centres help a student with all the pressure arising from the exam preparation. Further, regular mock tests, proper guidance, and high-quality material will aid in boosting revisions, learning, and studies. Further, for students residing in Chennai, there are 4-5 good UPSC coaching centres, and any one of these will be better than sole preparation for the IAS exam.

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