The 4 burner gas stoves, 3 burner gas stoves are the best gas stove in India. Therefore, the gas stove burner and auto ignition gas stove also have huge demand in the market. The gas stove is the most common feature in the kitchen.

It is highly versatile and comes in numerous different styles. There are many kinds of gas stoves. This article will provide valuable insights into the best gas stoves in India.

It is salient to have a basic knowledge of the durability and usability of the gas burner. The design is most certainly an important feature. There are different sizes and various styles to suit your cooking needs. Moreover, many features added adapt to the newer versions of Indian cooking.

In conclusion, deciding on the right pick is based on the accessibility. It even depends on the number of burners required and their safety features. It is not possible to imagine cooking without this primary equipment. Because of these reasons, the humble gas stove has evolved over the years.

List of the best Gas stove in India :

Buying the best-branded gas stoves, with all the latest innovations in this industry is a great perk. In other words, it will make cooking a more enjoyable experience.

The article will guide you in purchasing the best branded ‘Auto Ignition’ Gas burners in India. We have researched the best brands available and have listed the finest among all the brands.

The 3 burner gas stove, 4 burner gas stove, auto ignition gas stove, and gas stove burner are mentioned. In this list, we have taken various features and perfected the list for you.

Prestige Royale Plus Schott Glass Top Gas Burner (3 burner gas stove):

Prestige gas stove
Image Source | 3 Burner Gas Stove


Above all, it is one of the best gas stoves in India. Prestige is a household name synonym with trust and durability. The prestige Royal Plus gas burner’s aesthetic design and the glass top enhance the elegance of your kitchen. Above all, it is a 3 burner stove with a glass and Aluminum body frame. It is usually black in color and rectangular in shape.

Firstly, the Schott glass design and the German high-tech technology ensure toughness and heat resistance. The company follows best practices in manufacturing standards. Secondly, they offer a lifetime warranty on the SCOTT glass top. Consequently, the glass gives a polished look to the product.

The product has a stylish design, and for instance, the valves are imported from Italy. It is a precise, durable valve, moreover offering safe and smooth performance. Moreover, the burners are made of brass. Most importantly, the jumbo three-pin burners of different sizes help release the heat evenly according to the Indian cooking needs.

Moreover, this design reduces the consumption of gas. The individual pan support helps in cooking three dishes. It ensures stability to the pan or any other vessel placed. The uniformity in the distribution of heat enables perfect cooking. The advanced spill-proof design attributes easy cleaning.

The Auto-Ignition of the burner guarantees precision flame control and combines all the safety features. The ergonomically designed knobs are for easy usage. It is a stunning combination of elegance and safety. This gas stove is the leading contender in India.


It has a two-year warranty period for any manufacturing defects. It is even compatible with a piped gas connection.

The price range is around INR10,000. There are many attractive offers on various websites. The company offers a lifetime warranty on the SCOTT glass top and similarly for the jumbo burners. In addition to such great features, the Auto-Ignition is a considerable purchase.

Glen 1046 GT Gas Burner (4 burner gas stove):

Glen 4 burner gas stove
Image Source | 4 Burner Gas Stove


Glen Gas Burner is visually appealing. The burner, in addition, adds to the beauty of the cookhouse. It is a four-burner stove with a Matt steel body and toughened black glass top. It makes cooking stress-free.

Similarly, the 6mm toughened glass top is an added safety feature to repel any scratches or any other differential impact. Moreover, it has a swivel-type revolving inlet nozzle providing an easy attachment for the gas inlet pipe. Most importantly, the gas burner is certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards for Total Safety (ISI Certified).

The brass burners are fuel-efficient and exceedingly sturdy. Therefore, It is easy to clean and maintain. The durability of the product is quite strong. There are four burners in the gas stove. There are two small burners, one big and one large burner. This system is there to suit different types of Indian cooking styles. It is one of the best gas stoves in India.

The burner has a triple ring which aids in faster cooking. The pan support of the burner is to withstand any heavy or wide cookware. If there are any spills, the steel drip tray helps to ease the cleaning.

The elegantly designed knobs have a firm grip and are convenient to operate. The gas burner has multiple spark auto-ignitions. It reduces the burden of looking for a match stick or lighter.


It offers a two-year warranty on the cooktop and a five-year warranty on the 4 burner gas stove. There are other attractive offers if the customer wishes to extend their warranty period.

The price range is around INR 10,000, and there are various offers for the product on different websites. It is an ISI product that speaks volumes of safety features. The four burners and the added advantage of Auto-Ignition is the best buy for the consumers.

Elica Patio Ict 469 Blk Ai Gas Burner (4 Burner gas stove):

Elica Patio Ict 469 Blk Ai
Image Source | Auto Ignition Gas stove


Elica is a name synonym for timely delivery and product quality. Elica Patio gas burner has European-designed heavy-duty gas burners. It is usually black and open in shape. In proportion to the placements of the four burners to enhance the cooking experience. It is one of the best gas stove in India.

Firstly, the product ensures a hassle-free and enjoyable cooking experience. Secondly, the four-burner gas stove with an innovative design is durable and convenient to utilize regularly. Thirdly and most importantly, the black beauty is of toughened glass and a steel body.

The cooktop is of a toughened glass top. It adds to the beauty of the cooking space, it is even resilient and long-lasting. The glass material utilized prevents any minor breakages. The nonmagnetic stainless steel support plate below the glass creates a sturdy base. In addition, stainless steel is resistant to rusting, preventing corrosion, and enhancing the gas burner’s lifespan.

Similarly, the brass burners consume less LPG. In other words, it produces more heat to enhance efficiency. These burners look classy and in addition, they are highly durable. There are two small burners, one large and one medium burner. The four burner stove is highly immaculate.

The added advantage of auto-ignition is fascinating. The auto-ignition gas stove tends to your needs. The knobs designed are made from super-fine materials. It has an ease of rotation to control the flame. The pan support is round and euro-coated. Certainly, with this feature, we do not have to stress about food spills.


Moreover, the company provides a two-year warranty.

The price range for instance is around INR 14,000. Above all, there are startling offers on various websites. In addition to four efficient burners, the product is most importantly long-lasting. In conclusion, the auto-ignition makes this gas stove an attractive product.

Whirlpool Elite Hybrid HD 704 Gas Burner:

Whirlpool 4 Burner gas stove
Image Source | 4 Burner Gas Stove


Whirlpool most importantly combines advanced technology and simplicity into our everyday lives. The designs of the products are futuristic. It enhances the value of the product. The Whirlpool Elite Hydrid 4 burner gas stove is adaptable to any kitchen platform.

Firstly, the innovative hybrid design of the burner gives the feasibility to fix into granite or kitchen platform. Secondly, it can be utilized as a free-standing gas stove. Thirdly, and most certainly, the placement of the gas stove does not affect its durability. In addition, the hybrid design does not affect the function of the gas stove as it occupies minimum space.

It is certainly, more innovative compared to a 3 burner gas stove. Meanwhile, the elegant design enhances the beauty of the cooking area. The hassle-free maintenance and easy to clean feature is a way to make our lives relaxed and stress-free. It is one of the best gas stove in India.

In addition, the toughened glass top is heat resistant and can withstand years of use without any damages. The Intellicook brass burner has a multi-controlled flame level and emits a clear blue flame, certainly ideal for Indian cooking.

It withstands the high temperature of heat. The auto-ignition feature of the knobs saves the trouble of looking for an alternate option to light the gas. This auto ignition gas stove gives a phenomenal user experience.

It is a highly effective gas stove in addition to two medium and two small burners. Each of the burner’s flame and heating capacities works flawlessly to ensure a stress-free cooking experience.
The stunning 6th sense technology of the gas stove provides absolute safety to the product. As the gas flame switches off, it immediately cuts off the gas supply to the cooktop.


A five-year warranty period is for the brass burners and the valves. As compared with the 3 burner gas stove, the price range is around INR 26,000.

There are various offers for the product on different websites. The hybrid design, the effective four burners, and the added advantage of Auto-Ignition is the best buy for the consumers. You can buy it on Flipkart.

Green chef GHT Gas Burner:

Green chef GHT
Image Source | Autoignition gas stove

Green Chef is a home and kitchen appliance brand. They desire to deliver quality products and positively influence the lives of those who trusted their passion. It is definitely one of the best gas stoves in India.

The Greenchef cooktop is certainly a trendy, compact design with a neat black toughened glass top. Above all, the jumbo burner cooktop is a classy addition to any kitchen design. In addition to such great features, it is most importantly a 4 burner design.

The well-designed burners, the spacing between each burner, and the cool look make cooking certainly pleasurable. In addition, the rubberized anti-skid legs keep the cooktop stable. If there is excessive pressure on the cooktop, it helps in maintaining stability.

In addition, the 8mm toughened black glass helps in complimenting both elegance and durability. The glass top makes cleaning easy. It is most importantly heat resistant and tough on scratches. The smooth surface of the gas burner makes cooking fun. It is easy to clean. For instance, a slightly damp cloth keeps the cooktop spotless and long-lasting.

The three well-designed knobs are a perfect combination of being strong and certainly tough. They are easy to operate. Keeping in mind the long cooking duration, the knobs are heat resistant. Just turning the knobs auto-ignites the burners.

The burners of the cooktop are durable, lightweight, and non-breakable. Above all, the burners are made to cater to cooking needs. The four burners of the gas stove suit any size of cookware utilized. In other words, it can tolerate high heat and it is even anti-corrosive.


Above all, the company offers a two years warranty period from the date of purchase. The price is INR 14,000 for the auto ignition gas stove.

Certainly, seeing such impressive offers, buying this product is irresistible. Above all, the perfect combination of durability and style is a perfect match. You can buy it on Amazon.

FAQ | Best gas stove in India

In conclusion, a gas stove is most certainly an indispensable product of any kitchen. There are likewise many options available in the market in various price ranges to suit your budget requirements. It is important to buy a gas stove, well suited for your needs.

What are the basic necessities to be kept in mind?

Above all, the space available in the kitchen area determines the size of the burner. Therefore choosing the number of a burner depends on the cooking style and the number of people to cater to. For instance, it can either be a 3 burner gas stove or a 4 burner gas stove. Certainly, the auto-Ignition feature is a blessing as it eliminates the headache of looking for a matchbox or a lighter. Any cooktop must have durable pan support, to cater to big utensils as it is a common feature of Indian cooking.

What type of burner is best for gas?

Burners are certainly, the main element in a cooktop. A long-lasting burner increases the durability of the cooktop. Brass burner and appropriate pan support create uniformity in heat as it is fuel-efficient. It will help you cook delicious food. You can check out this article for some weight loss-friendly foods.

Is stainless steel top or toughened glass top a better option?

A glass top is a much better option as it looks futuristic, enhancing the modernity of the kitchen. The smooth surface is easy to maintain. 

Editor’s Note | Best Gas Stove in India

The gas stove is the most salient product in any household. It is a basic necessity in an Indian family. Cooking warm and delicious comforting food is possible due to an advanced gas stove. With endless products and brands, finding the perfect product can be daunting.
We have listed the best premium quality gas stoves in the article. All of these products have supreme burner quality and niche designs.
The safety feature of these gas stoves is immaculate. Buying any of these products will not disappoint you. We hope this article makes your choice of purchasing the perfect gas stove easy.


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